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◆ Full Dictionary
Drawing from a database of over a million entries including place names, given names, company names, kanji and examples. Search using romaji, kana or SKIP. Full breakdown of kanji showing radicals, particles, similar kanji and compound nouns. Example sentences are broken down phrase by phrase, word by word.

◆ SRS Leitner Study Method + Calendar = Awesomeness
Just set a future date and let the scheduler tell you when and what to study, everyday. No setup required.

◆ Audio
8000 words spoken by a native speaker (as opposed to "not quite right" synthesised audio) covering the complete N1-N5 vocabulary.

◆ Write
View 6500+ kanji/kana stroke order animations and be guided how to write each one. When ready, test your skills in study mode.

◆ Translate
Copy/paste Japanese text and have the words auto-translated into detailed flashcards.

◆ RSS News Feed
Read today's headlines in Japanese, translated into furigana and English definitions ready for study.

◆ Decks
Complete kanji and vocabulary required for the JLPT exams (N1 to N5), school grade kanji (grades 1 to 9), kana and joyo kanji.

◆ Highly Detailed
All kanji, radicals, particles, words, compounds, similar looking kanji and examples are "tapable" linking you to something new - save anything along the way and make new decks.


◆ Full 2-way dictionary.
◆ A beautiful, free scrolling "map" interface
◆ 6500+ kanji animations + writing trainer
◆ Complete JLTP 1-5 vocabulary and kanji decks
◆ Hiragana and Katakana decks
◆ Human audio for N1-N5 vocabulary (8000+ words)
◆ Translate any text into furigana and English
◆ Live RSS Japanese news feed for new content everyday.
◆ Details for 6355 kanji: radicals, elements, SKIP, dict codes, etc.
◆ Detailed breakdown of example sentences
◆ "Similar" kanji display
◆ Adjustable SRS study algorithm
◆ Scheduler
◆ Rolling progress chart
◆ iCloud background syncing - easily edit decks on your Mac
◆ All data is hyper-linked
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ Freely create your own decks
◆ Edit, delete and move cards between decks
◆ In-app import (no need for iTunes)
◆ Extensive options
◆ Rock solid, loved and looked after by a kanji geek since 2009
◆ Full and detailed help
◆ Pay once for life. No ads, downloads or annoyances.
◆ Ridiculously good support.
◆ Universal app. iOS12+. Compatible with all models.

"The only way I'd be more satisfied with this app is if it could just transmit the info directly into my brain.". App Store review.

Twitter: @justininjapan
Web + user guide:

The SKIP system for ordering kanji was developed by Jack Halpern (, and is used with his permission.
KanjiVG (animations) copyright Ulrich Apel.

I'm Justin. I moved to Japan in 2002 and I'm married to my Japanese wife (lovingly called "Spellchecker"). I've taken the JLPT tests up to N1 (yes, I was there) using this app. I speak, read and write Japanese fluently and I'm an overactive developer who can't sit still.


Version 4.37

Fix for when in dark mode (Full dark mode being thought about..)

Notes et avis

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6 notes

6 notes

Rjhdhthtdgushgdjuehdjd ,

Love the App, but does not work anymore

I have used the App for a long time and love it, but the latest upgrade breaks the Dock view completely. Essentially, the App crashes and abruptly quits (on iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 10.5") when I try to switch to the Deck view.
I tried to contact the developer but see no other way than writing a review, and hoping it would be read and addressed.

WalkerParis ,

Excellent app!

Kanji are very complete. There are many examples. So it is easier to see how to apply the kanji in sentences. However, the examples are too difficult. I wish that they are easier (daily usage examples). I was a bit lost on where to start. Maybe a user guide in a "help" section would be welcome.
Ayant fait des années d'étude du japonais, le kanji est mon point faible. Beaucoup d'exemples, c'est très bien mais un peu compliqué. J'aurais souhaité des exemples de phrases de la vie de tous les jours.

Nicmooc ,

App géniale, comme toujours !

Vous pouvez déjà retrouvé mon avis dans les versions précédentes, mais quand c'est un coup de coeur comme celui-là je ne me prive pas d'en remettre une couche, le développeur le mérite. La synchro avec dropbox permet non seulement de sauvegarder, mais aussi de continuer sur son ipad ce que l'on a commencé sur son iphone, et vice-versa. Les listes sont impressionnantes (même si elles sont en anglais), mais vous pouvez toujours faire vos propres cartes, comme moi.
Bref rien à dire cette application mérite ses 5 étoiles haut la main.

Si toutefois le développeur souhaiterait faire du zèle et améliorer encore son application, voici quelques pistes :

- compatibilité evernote
- synchronisation icloud
- possibilité de partager ses fiches perso

Encore bravo !


Justin Nightingale
513.9 Mo

Nécessite iOS 12.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Anglais, Japonais

Classé 4+
© Justin Nightingale
5,49 €

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