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light&depth combines the best depth of field calculator with a sun calculator, a light meter, exposure calculator and helpers for timelapses and star trails. It gives you all the tools you need to supercharge your photography.
light&depth’s interface was designed to bring you all the information you need, as quickly and intuitively as possible. After all, we want you to focus on your photography, not on entering values and performing calculations in your head.

First of all, light&depth delivers the most accurate depth-of-field calculations for any camera on the market. Find out which camera settings lead to optimal sharpness. Calculate which objects will appear sharp for crisp focus and the perfect background bokeh. Include diffraction effects and adapt the calculations with precision modes to crops. Find the hyperfocal distance - beyond this distance, everything will appear sharp.

light&depths sun calculations help you with all the information you need about the sun’s location and light. Plan ahead by changing the location and time, to find that perfect sunset photo spot. Calculate times for the golden hour, sunset and sunrise, and civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight. See where the sun will shine with beautiful visualizations and map overlays.

light&depth also includes a light meter and exposure calculator that makes manual exposure simpler than ever before. Find the optimal exposure immediately. Enter custom exposure corrections and ND-Filters. Calculate equivalent exposures, and see how you can adapt your exposure.

And that‘s not all! light&depth has more tools and utilities that help your photos and videos to shine, with a timelapse calculator and a star trail visualizer. We’re already working on even more additions, so stay tuned.
Much of light&depth can be customized to fit your style and equipment. You can customize the interface, and add your own prime lenses and aperture values. We provide a database of over 700 cameras, from classic film large-format cameras to state-of-the-art DSLMs. Should your camera be missing, we will update the database to add it within 48h.

Improve your photography and videos like never before and download light&depth now!


Version 1.1.2

This version fixes a few smaller issues.

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