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The essential web developer tool: When you save a file, LiveReload preprocesses it as needed and refreshes the browser automatically.

Even cooler, when you change a CSS file or an image, the browser is updated instantly without reloading the page.


Compiles CoffeeScript/IcedCoffeeScript, Compass/SASS, LESS, Stylus, HAML, Jade, SLIM.

Works great with many popular editors: Espresso, Coda 1, TextMate, Sublime Text, BBEdit, SubEthaEdit.

Tested with Rails, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ExpessionEngine, Express.

Works with multiple browsers, mobile devices and simulators, even inside preview windows of apps like Espresso and Coda 1.


Please read about your specific usage scenarios, frameworks, compilers, editors and browsers in our knowledge base on

By default, LiveReload lives in the system menu bar on 10.7+ and in the Dock on 10.6. You can change that by clicking the gears button in the main window's title bar.


1. Add your project folder using the plus button at the bottom (or drag'n'drop).

2. Insert the provided snippet or install the browser extensions.

3. Open the page to test in your browser. Click the browser extension toolbar button if going the extensions route.

Everything should be up and running now. A red dot in the menu bar icon indicates that the browser is connected to LiveReload.

QUESTIONS? IDEAS? NOT SURE? THINGS NOT GOING WELL? Just email (or click the Support link on this page).


Only monitors files with specified extensions. A nice fat list is hard-coded, but you can add your own ones in monitoring options.

CSS/image changes are applied live. Changing any other file (including HTML, PHP, Ruby, etc) triggers an automatic page reload.

Local files (file: protocol) are supported with some limitations.

Compilers often work out of the box, but some projects need additional settings or adjustments.

You can add support for your own compilers and editors.

REMOTE SERVER WORKFLOWS (if your development web site is running remotely):

Please read the knowledge base (search for “remote”).

Quick recap:

1. LiveReload only monitors the local file system, so the code you edit has to be there somehow.

2. Enable “Override URLs to serve modified CSS from localhost” in monitoring options.

3. Also configure “Wait X seconds before doing a full page reload” with an appropriate delay.

4. This supports Espresso, Sublime SFTP plugin and similar cases.

5. You can also use the same options to preview your local CSS changes against a live web site.

6. LiveReload is not an FTP/SFTP client, so if you use the compilers, you need to figure out how to upload their output.


Version 2.3.81

Lots of bug fixes.

Notes et avis

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1 note

1 note

Steve Mc***** ,


Je viens de payer 10 balles, j’ai essayé sur Chrome, Safari et Firefox, ça marche jamais. J’ai tout testé sauf la balise <script> mais je peux pas m’en servir sachant que j’utiliser d’autres types de fichiers.

Bref passez votre chemin, c’est très mal expliqué et mal foutu.

En plus le développeur a accès à toutes vos données…

Ferait mieux de développer un système comme sur Ionic ou ça fait un refresh tout seul en super propre et sans partager les données.

App pas mise à jour depuis presque 2 ans, ça laisse à désirer. Je vais demander à être remboursé.

Chanmugan ,

Simplement essentiel

Une fois que l'on a essayé cette application, elle devient essentielle et on ne peut plus s'en separer surtout lors du développement d'un site utilisant beaucoup de Javascript.
Un must-have pour tous les développeurs web.

Tirli_Pi ,

Avis LiveReload

Trés simple à mettre en place et d'un efficacité redoutable :)
merci aux développeurs !


Andrey Tarantsov
24.8 Mo

OS X 10.7 ou une version ultérieure, un processeur 64 bits



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