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LockBox Pro lets you store and protect sensitive info such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, pin numbers, private notes, and any other secret information on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now supports ios11

NEW Version v1.2 fixes a bug that sometimes causes imports to fail or only import partial data. Thanks to everyone who reported this and helped us fix it!!

NEW Version 1.1 allows you to:

- NEW! Import Bulk Data from your computer into LockBox Pro. Saves lots of typing on your device!

- NEW! Export/Backup data to your computer over a WiFi connection! Remember to do this regularly!

- NO Ads!

Use it to keep information handy and also protected at the same time.

New Pro Edition Features:
(not found in the free version)

* Import Data - create a file on your computer and import it into LockBox Pro via Wifi. Saves you lots of typing on the device.

* Stronger Security - data is secured via Apple's Keychain which utilizes 3DES encryption for high security.

* More Flexible - you can add as many fields as you like to each entry. (the free version is fixed at 2 fields per entry)

* No Ads

Existing free version users... you can now upgrade easily while keeping your data! Just export your data first using the free version and then import it into LockBox Pro via the WiFi import feature.

New Features:

* import/export via WiFi
* Sound effects can now be turned off! :-)
* The app exits correctly when you lock your iPhone with the top button.
* You can now easily rearrange and delete items in your list. (and they stay rearranged)
* Your data is backed up via the regular iTunes backup, but be sure to use the new export feature as data is sometimes saved incorrectly in iTunes. iTunes also does not allow you to change devices... your data will be lost if you don't back it up using the new WiFi export method.

(all bug fixes are available in the free version as well... however the new advanced features are not)

More Info:

All data is encrypted and protected by your secret code, so only you have access to it, even if you let your friends borrow your phone to make a call or browse online.

This is the kind of information that you want easy access to while you are on the go, but find it hard to recall just when you need it. For example, I always forget my bank account number right when I need to deposit a check at the bank.

Not sure if you need this?

Try the FREE version first... it's called LockBox (not Pro) :-)

Go Pro for a low price for a limited time!


Remember to sync and do a backup of your data through the LockBox app before updating to newer versions! You never know what might happen to your phone in the middle of a sync :-) Also, the iTunes backup is not enough in some cases especially when you have to replace your phone or reset it, so make sure you use the WiFi backup method to protect your data. Its the only way to make sure your data is safe when doing a sync or restore for your device.


Version 1.4

updated for ios11 support

Notes et avis

2.5 sur 5
6 notes

6 notes

Mockba92 ,

Un peu buggee

Bonne app, mais un peu buggee. Pour eviter le crash a l'import des nouvelles donnees, continuez de taper sur l'ecran pendant tout le processus, pour eviter que l'app ne se ferme.

patg74 ,

Pas si mal

Interface très austère c'est vrai, mais semble bien remplir son rôle. Manque la possibilité de définir des catégories pour éviter de trop longues listes et quelques icônes supplémentaires ne seraient pas du luxe.

Patioqsdfgh ,

very very disapointing doesnot work !

l'import depuis computer ne fonctionne pas même en entrant l'adresse IP de mon IPHONE suivi de :88 sur l'ordinateur. ne trouve pas l'adresse.
Doesnot work even when entering the IPHONE IP n° with :88 at the end on the computer . It says it doenot find the adress.



Gee Chuang
2.1 Mo

Nécessite iOS 8.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



3,49 €

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