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LuckGrib is a fully featured, easy to use, fast GRIB reader, viewer, downloader and weather router. Remote access to weather data via satellite or email is supported. Advanced weather routing capabilities, for sailors, is available.

Weather forecast data, packaged as GRIB files, can be downloaded directly from the LuckGrib server cluster.

For offshore sailors, LuckGrib offers a best-in-class, complete solution: industry leading visualization and ease of use, highly optimized weather data downloads via satellite, along with industry leading optimized weather routing and route analysis. Inshore sailors may not require satellite downloads, but will benefit from the rest of the system.

LuckGrib is unique among apps that were originally designed for sailors, in that the weather analysis tools are powerful enough to attract attention from meteorologitsts.

For meteorologists, and weather enthusiasts, LuckGrib offers access to a wide range of high resolutions models, a number of global models, weather data at the surface, 850mb, 500mb and 250mb levels, parameters ranging from simple things such as wind, pressure and temperature, to more advanced quantities such as simulated radar, standard deviations, precipitable water, lightning, vertical vorticity, helicity and more. Access is available to the entire suite of parameters in GFS, HRRR, NAM and others.

Downloads are available via: a direct high speed internet connection, through the Iridium GO! as well as through the RedPort Optimizer.

LuckGrib provides access to many weather and ocean models, including: GFS, GFS Wave, GDPS/GEM, GEFS, HRRR, RAP, NAM, NBM, Icon-EU, Arpège, Arome, OpenWRF, RTOFS, NCOM and many others. These models allow you to study surface conditions, wave and swell state, ocean currents, winds at the jet stream level, mid atmosphere as well as at the boundary layer. In addition, LuckGrib allows you to explore weather model uncertainty with its support for standard deviation and probability values. LuckGrib is a thoroughly modern and advanced GRIB viewer.

See: for more details on the models and parameters that are available.

LuckGrib comes with a 14 day free trial. If you are interested in studying weather and gaining access to detailed weather forecasts, download the app and give it a try.

Downloading data via satellite or email requires the Offshore Data in-app purchase. See for more details on the remote access capabilities.

The LuckGrib weather routing system is an industry leading, high quality, robust, high performance and comprehensive system. See for more details. Access to the isochronal weather routing system requires an in-app purchase.

The LuckGrib isochronal Weather Routing solver is able to respect intermediate constraint points, the first in the industry. A constraint point is a point which a route must leave to port or starboard. Constraint points are needed to describe short routes which have crossings, as well as to express your preference on a long open ocean passage to stay to a given side of a strategic point. A simple example of a short route that needs this ability is a route which goes around an island, returning to the start point. Many sailboat race routes, perhaps the majority, have routes which cross. Two examples are Fastnet and the Around Catalina Island race. These routes can now be described in LuckGrib, and optimized Weather Routing solutions found for them.

Note that LuckGrib does not use a subscription pricing model - after the free trial, when you decide to purchase the app, there will be a one time charge, not an ongoing subscription.

For more details, please visit the support website.

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Version 4.5.4

This is a small update with various small and subtle changes sprinkled around the app.

One notable addition, mainly for sailors in the USA, is the addition of support for OFS tide height data. The OFS models are high resolution regional models around the USA, which include ocean current and tide height information. There is OFS data for a variety of regions around the USA, including the Salish Sea (including Puget Sound, the San Juans and around Vancouver Island), San Francisco Bay, Tampa, Delaware, and more.

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4 notes

Max-689 ,

Luckgrib 3.2.1

# Very nice app for grib viewing and displaying. You get direct acces to many different models, and you can easily import other gribs.
Incredible to see how smoth and fluid is the navigation, even with many heavy gribs loaded.

Furthermore, the app is now enhanced by more and more usefull tools, as meteograms (displaying data on a point and also along a route with a parametred vessel speed), way points and routes, and many other clever options.

Luck grib is as high quality tool, the tool you keep carefully in your tool box and you take it with pleasure as you know he is well made...

Réponse du développeur ,


philippe.h2 ,

Lucky grib v1.1

#FR: Très bonne application, l’ergonomie est vraiment au top. Très facile de switcher entre plusieurs fichiers gribs. Choisir les données affichées, etc… Vivement les prochaines versions :)

#EN: Very good application, ergonomics is really on top . Very easy to switch between several gribs files. Select the displayed data , etc … Waiting for next updates :)

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