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Calculate the average outcome of any combat situation in Warhammer 40,000. Enter the rules and equipment for a unit and see how it fares against an enemy!

"Impress" your friends by knowing exactly how much it takes to wipe their unit out. Quadruple the time you take for your turn as you calculate each and every outcome. Mathhammer will let you compare unit and weapon combinations to see what works best in every situation.

- Detailed controls, capable of replicating each and every rule
- Damage summary and a graph of results, letting you know at a glance what works best
- Dive into comprehensive results, with weapon by weapon breakdowns against each target
- Save and share profiles
- Side effects on attacks
- Exploding attacks
- Bonus damage
- Mortal wounds
- Auto wound
- Bonus strength
- Bonus armour penetration
- Side effects of saves
- Ignore mortal wounds
- Ignore armour penetration
- Reduce damage
- Rerolls, dice modifications and more
- Multiple attackers vs multiple defenders (requires full app)


Version 1.0.1

Thanks for the feedback, I've added a couple of new features:
- Added new wound side effect that can trigger additional attacks
- All side effects can now trigger on a specific roll value, or on the hit / wound roll succeeding
- Damage allocation has a new mode for simple calculation of models killed
- Added an FAQ entry for damage allocation
- Weapon entries in an attacker view can now be duplicated by long pressing on their entry

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