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We give you a grid, we give you a crazy rule, and we give you some values. All you have to do is look hard at the grid and find which row or column has that value for the given rule. Easy as you like it. And then you just have to do it for 99 more times.

So, sharpen your brain, sharpen your eyesight, sharpen your reflexes and bring it all together to quickly scan the grid in different directions and find the correct answer before the timer runs out!

Try out a game with a unique gameplay and challenge yourself to reach the summit of 100 Rounds with the rules becoming more crazier and wackier with each passing grid. We promise you would never have played anything like this!

Deep dive into the game and see how far you can make it before a mistake sends you hurtling back to the start. Along the way, you will encounter all different kinds of shapes, numbers, letters, boxes, clocks and what not.

There are no Worlds, no Levels, no Difficulty Settings, no Boosts, no Bonus, no Achievements. An uncomplicated game with just one singular objective and that is to complete all the grids.
And also just pure fun.

* Unique gameplay which is a twist on the grid search puzzles.
* Pick up and Play. One touch Gameplay in Portrait mode. Just swipe to mark the correct row/column.
* Over 70 different types of rules for you to figure out.
* Daily Challenges - Complete a new challenge everyday.
* 4 different types of aids/power-ups available for use.
* A cute way of visually depicting the progress in the game through the growing moustache of Mr. Mustachio's character.
* Uncomplicated game with a single objective to complete all the rounds.
* Leaderboards to see how well you are doing as compared to other players.
* Comprehensive Statistics to give a glimpse how well you have been playing the game.
* Single Player and works offline.

The character of Mr. Mustachio adds a fun dimension to the game! Watch Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grow with more grids you figure out!

This game is a derivative of the original Mr. Mustachio game. For the people wondering why there is mustachio guy in there, here is small silly poem from the first game explaining it :) :)

"An egg shaped guy, extraordinary is his panache,
Always smiling, as he twirls his magnificent moustache!

With a grid of blocks, he tests your skills,
Fast reflexes, quick thinking, needed in this game of thrills!

Mr. Mustachio needs your help, truth be told,
The span of his whiskers, the grid controls!

Add, Subtract or Multiply, do the proper math and make his handlebar grow,
Diamonds will be your reward, as you chase your high score!"

Mr. Mustachio builds upon the gameplay of the evergreen word search puzzles!

Remember the puzzles where you are given a grid of letters and you need to search for words in it based on some clue or theme?

Mr. Mustachio uses that principle and puts a little spin on that. Use your power of observation to search the grid for the row or column which matches a given rule and a corresponding value! Of course, we added a time limit and threw in some colours to make things interesting!

All this results in quite a challenging and interesting game!

Maybe you like math. Maybe you just like challenges. Maybe you like to do brain training exercises. Maybe you like to test your reflexes. Maybe you love to do all of these! There is something for everyone in this small and simple, yet quite fun and challenging game.


If you like playing the game, please consider leaving an rating/review and help spread the word around. It would go a long way in helping out the developer!

If you notice any problem or bug or just want to drop some critique or feedback, please feel free to do so at!


Version 3.1

Minor Fixes.

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3.7 sur 5
31 notes

31 notes

JeSuisLà ,

Why not !

I am not Albert-Einstein but I am not bad ! But there is a problem! There isn’t many choice of languages... !

Ernestgr ,

Concept ok but...

Instructions are often too small to read and it’s frustrating not being able to check more time why one puzzle it is missed.

Réponse du développeur ,

Many thanks for playing the game and taking time out to leave a review. I thank you for your feedback and will try to think of better ways to represent the instructions to the players.

I would also like to inform you that you can view the solution of a puzzle by clicking on the "View Grid" button at the top left corner of the Game Over Screen. Hope this helps.

If you have any more thoughts on the game, then do please let me know by writing in to me at



Shobhit Samaria
109.9 Mo

Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



Classé 4+
© 2018 Shobhit Samaria
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