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Nightguard is an app that displays your blood glucose values from the Nightscout backend.

It is a native iOS App with support for the Apple Watch.
Features are:
- Define a range of acceptable blood glucose values.
- Whenever your values are out of range you will be alerted.
- You can snooze the alerts all the time and for a defined time period.
- You can reactivate the alerts all the time.
- You can activate alerts if the values are rising or falling too fast.
- The app displays yesterdays values as an overlay chart. This way you have a hint about how your values could behave in the future.
- Tune your basal rates with the statistics function to overlay different days

For the alarms to work the app has to be active. So you can enable a screen lock that keeps the app running all night long.

Have a look at for more information about how to setup your own Nightscout backend.


Version 3.6.4


- The last value is displayed is once more preserved.
- Delta values for mmol should be displayed now correctly on th fullscreen and in notifications.
- Improved stability

- The Watch Part can now be used even if on WatchOS 7. The Always-On Feature should still be available if your watch is on WatchOS 8.
- Suppressed an error message if no data was available at all.
- mmol delta values should be display now fine.
- Removed the short color flickering before displaying the delta value.

- Fixed a problem with the new api v2 properties endoint that could occur if you didn't have iob and cob configured on your nightscout backend.

- Switched from the old Pebble-API to the newer API V2 Properties Endpoint:
This should fix the old nightscout bug that delta values are wrong if using mmol.

- Support for iOS 15 and WatchOS 8
- Always-On support for the nightguard watch part
- New Duration-Tab to keep track and define your Sensor, Cannula and Battery Change Dates
- Fixes a problem where the initial units on the watch are displayed in mmol, although mgdl has been requested
- Fixes a problem with watchOS 8 where mmol values in a complication have been truncated
- Thanks Markus for the Finnish translation!

- Custom Alarm Sounds can be uploaded from icloud now - at least if you are using iOS 14.

- Improved rendering of bolus treatments
- removed flickering of the time/battery display
- Fixed a problem when entering a new nightscout URI
- Fixed a problem where no bolus treatments could be visualized

- Displays Correction Bolus as triangles in the chart now
- Displays Meal-Bolus Carbs and Insulin in the chart now
- Mmol Temporary Targets from AAPS should be correctly converted now

- Removed a flickering of reservoir and temporary basal values when updating
- improved notifications if you are using an Apple Watch
- no more Taptic Engine alarms on the watch if the app is in background
- Fixed layout if running the app on an M1 Mac

- colored uploader battery on the phone app
- colored care data and uploader battery on the watch app
- better error message if you secured your backend and forget to enter your security token in nightguard.
- Introducing user defined default temporary targets. They can be changed by the user and will be synced to the watch.
The last entered temporary target is automatically stored as the new default. And that is done for every temporary target reason.
- finer grained carbs entry
- More Finnish translations (thanks Markus!)

- Switched back to the v1 api. Quit a lot people are still on very old nightscout version
=> Graphs should be visible now again for these old nightscout backends
=> But don't forget to update your backend!
- Reservoir Units can be displayed now - even if they have decimals
- Increased and finer ranges for carbs and temporary targets

- Care- and Loop-Data can be hidden now
- Care-Tab remembers the last selected Temporary Target now.
- Rewritten WatchOS App in SwiftUI
- Temporary Targets can be set on the Watch now.
- Carbs can be added on the app and on the watch.
- Added the visualization of measured blood glucose values as red dots in the chart.
- Removed the RAW Feature for Dexcom G4/G5 Sensors
- Possibility to enter the baseURL on the watch by using speech or scribble.

- Small visualization fix of persistent high values in mmol.
- Workaround the nightscout bug, that bgdelta is returned as mmol instead of mgdl

- Fixes a problem with always playing "high bg" alarms if using mmol.
- Optimized layout on the apple watch

- As promised: Know the very first Apple Watch Series 0 should really work (for a last time) with V3.1.1
Special release for francy ;-) .

Notes et avis

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25 notes

Pika59 ,


Très pratique, fluide, fonctionne très bien sur iPhone et Apple Watch même si sur celle-ci le graphique pourrait être plus lisible avec des lignes de repère...

BaQsnet ,

Saved my nights

Thanks a lot! This is one of the best apps to monitor my baby’s stats.

I would suggest:
- possibility to snooze from full screen view, especially when phone is horizontal
- more care options (a bit like the web plugin)
- possibity to setup highs more than 280mg/dL
- can I help on the french translation?

Again, great app!

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks for your Feedback. Any help is appreciated: You can open up a ticket e.g. for the translation here:

Gysdee ,

Dernière mise à jour qui cloche

J’ai bien les données toutes les 5 min mais aucun graphique , une solution ?

Réponse du développeur ,

Hi! Yes - you need to update your nightscout backend. We are using a better internal nightscout interface. If your version is outdated, we don’t get the chart anymore.

So please update to nightscout 14.

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