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The peasants of Nottingham bow under the weight of Prince John’s taxes; nobles fall to the Sheriff’s political machinations; deserters from the Crusades pillage the land; and fairies lure the unwary into the depths of mist-shrouded Sherwood Forest, never to be seen again. Step into the chaos of a magical England at the end of the Third Crusade. Maid Marian hides breathless amidst the brambles after the sack of her father’s castle; Little John charges a bodyweight in gold to cross a lonely log; and Will Scarlet holds court in a brokedown tower surrounded by trees as tall as the sky, waiting for a king who will never come. The time is ripe, a spark is lit – from the ashes of your home, from the shadow of anonymity, step into legend. You are Robin Hood.

Nocked! is a lushly-illustrated, text-driven role-playing game playable for minutes or hours at a time. Define the deeds and identity of Robin Hood, outlaw of Sherwood Forest; recruit allies, forge alliances, find love; and chart a path between war, negotiation, and dangerous magics. Your choices are remembered and your actions shape the world, but you can’t do it alone.

Story and strategy collide as your reputation spreads and Merry Men join your band: Build and expand a base in the hidden deeps, manage your earnings from raids on tax collectors, and prepare for the coming of the Sheriff of Nottingham. There is no sure and easy path to victory, no one decision that will save your resistance; will you fall beneath the Sheriff’s boot heel, or will you build a movement to last the ages? The choice is yours.


Version 2.0.0

CAUTION! This update will break any in-progess game from July 16th, 2019 or earlier. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you'll find the new features well worth it. Speaking of which...

There's no easy way to comprehensively describe Nocked’s biggest update in almost two years. It's more than just additional words, a collection of new art and new stories; it’s a total restructuring of the game, where narrative begets mechanics to create a complete story-based RPG experience. Nevertheless, here are some of the salient changes:

-Over 100,000 words of new adventure! New side quests, a new romance (Palamedes), and a new faction system all await.
-Grace has been revised. Now use it to get out of a jam or find the best way through a problem.
-Earn Power though heroism or villainy. Draw on Power to gain Favor and Influence with the factions beyond Sherwood Forest, earn ongoing perks, and unlock new quests.
-Your path will not be unopposed; the Sheriff strikes back every season, working to diminish your influence. Work with the factions of Sherwood to counter his nefarious plans.
-Studies of the forest; a dozen pieces of new art by Amanda Spaid.
-A better balanced arrow, and bugs squashed flat. Everything that was great about Nocked is now better!
-Check out the Dev Blog at for an in-depth discussion of the changes and the philosophy behind them.


Andrew Schneider
193.8 Mo

Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



Classé 12+
Scènes rares / légères de consommation ou de référence à l’alcool, au tabac ou à la drogue
Scènes rares / légères de violence (animation ou fantastique)
© 2017 Andrew G. Schneider
5,49 €

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