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***Improve your hamstring prevention protocol with Nordics!***

From the designer of hits like My Jump 2, PowerLift or Runmatic, Nordics is the first app specifically designed to monitor your performance in the nordic hamstring exercise (NHE). The app measures with high accuracy the breakpoint angle achieved on the NHE, based on recent research that shows that this angle is highly related to hamstring eccentric strength. Moreover, based on that angle and using some cool biomechanics, it also measures an important metric, the torque (rotational force) at that point!

For this, and taking into account the well-known benefits of the NHE for the prevention of hamstring injuries, Nordics can help you monitor your athletes to improve your prevention protocols and get the most out of your athletes!

Nordics is very simple to use but includes advanced features that can help you monitor the performance of your athletes in the NHE in a professional way such as:

-Measures the torque and breakpoint angle on the NHE using accurate video-analysis
-Measures your leg asymmetry with the unilateral test
-Organize your athletes in teams, and create as many teams and athletes as you want. Unlimited data base!
-Export your whole database to a CSV file to work in Excel or other spreadsheet apps
-Save as many tests as you want for each athlete and check his/her evolution over the season
-Get warnings when your athlete significantly decreases his/her performance so you can readjust your training program

Nordics, measure your NHE performance and prevent hamstrings injuries with your iPhone or iPad!


Version 4.0

**BIG UPDATE: iCloud sync**

We are delighted to announce a long awaited feature: if you have iOS 13, your data will be automatically synced to other devices with the same iCloud account when you open the app!! Also, all data remains local, meaning that your data is safe even if the sync fails (for example, if internet connection is lost).

Also, we have made some improvements to adjust the app to iOS 13 Dark Mode and the new iPhone. Enjoy!!

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Carlos Balsalobre
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Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Anglais, Espagnol

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