PrompterPal turns your iPad and iPhone into a teleprompter or speech assistant! PrompterPal automatically scrolls your speech for you to allow you to engage your audience and not worry about losing your place. Various forms of remote controls are possible as well as an external monitor. Share files between PrompterPal and a computer in several different ways.

Check out PromptRemote, the free remote for PrompterPal.

Easily configure the appearance of the text content to suit your presentation requirements including...

• Font
• Font Size
• Text Color
• Background Color
• Head and Tail Indent
• Line Spacing
• Text Style

Prompter features include:

• Import File Types: PrompterPal (.prompterPal), Text (.txt), Rich Text (.rtf), Word (.docx) and HTML
• Export File Types: PrompterPal (.prompterPal), Text (.txt), Rich Text (.rtf) and HTML
• Five Marker Styles: Bar, Marker, Two Line, Inverted, Two Markers
• Scroll Speed: Variable with two speed ranges.
• Display mirroring for using a reflective teleprompter
• Countdown: Two styles
• Bidirectional Timer
• External Monitor Support
• Built-in user manual
• Customizable title bar to give access to the features that are important to your workflow.
• More...

• File Sharing

PrompterPal offers a variety of file sharing methods to assist in moving files between devices as well as a computer.

- iTunes File Sharing: Copy files to and from PrompterPal using iTunes.
- Email Files: Email files from PrompterPal and open files from other apps such as Mail.
- iOS File Sharing: Send files directly from one PrompterPal to another.
- Web Server: Host a web page that can be used from any computer to upload and download files.
- Web Server Browser: Use built-in browser to load web page from another web server to download files or the entire database from another PrompterPal.
- AirDrop: Use Apple's AirDrop to send files.
- iCloud: Upload and download files from iCloud Drive.
- Dropbox: Upload and download files from your Dropbox account.
- Google Drive: Upload and download files from your Google Drive account.
- iOS Remote Sharing: Send files and databases between host and peers.

• Remote Control

PrompterPal has a variety different remote options.

- iOS Remote: Use another iOS device running PrompterPal or PromptRemote to control PrompterPal. Synchronize multiple devices.
- Blue Tooth Keyboard: Assign keys of a blue tooth keyboard to control prompter features.
- Touch Tone Remote: Use touch tone signals playing into the microphone line-in to control prompter features.
- Audio Remote: Use the headphone in-line remote or other audio remote to control prompter features.
- AirTurn Remote: Use wireless remotes from to control prompter features.
- Web Server Remote: Use a web page hosted on the network to control the prompter features.
- Apple Watch: Use the Apple Watch to remotely control prompter functions.
- Bluetooth MIDI: Use IK Multimedia's iRig Blueboard to control prompter functions.
- Game Controller: Use MFi game controllers to control prompter functions.
- Touch Recording: Record and playback your interactions with the prompter.
- Speech Recognition: Use your speech to control the script using key words or the text content of the script.
- Key Commands: Configure key combinations to control prompter features. This feature is enabled at all times.

• Recording

- Use either camera.
- Movable video preview overlaying the script.
- Share your video in a variety of ways.

• Monitor Out

Use an external monitor connected to the dock connector or AppleTV to display the prompter content.

- Choose output resolution from supported resolutions.
- Configure output to match device, or device to match output.
- Adjust transform and mirroring for external display independently of device.
- Works great with AppleTV and AirPlay.

PrompterPal is perfect for public speakers, public broadcasting and electronic news gathering, school and business presentations and more!


Version 7.2.3

Fixed a problem that could crash when importing Word files that use complex script fonts.
Fixed a problem that could crash when loading the file list, or selecting a file from the list.

Notes et avis

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1 note

1 note

Youandmitch ,

Good app. But plesae HEAR ME OUT I ASK AGAIN

Hi I'm a professional singer, I use your app on stage for my performances.
It works really well.
Although I just wished there were other options.
1- the possibility to use different colors for the text and maybe different fonts, i mean in one text.
It would help reading paragraphs.
2- the possibility in the files menu, to make a specific order for the files, not only alphabetical.
3- the last thing would be the greatest, but maybe not realistic.
It would be to find a way to have the text scrolling with the music, and syncing with a text automatically. Or maybe at least adding a simple metronome with a tap mode, just to type in a box on the screen to give a tempo.
All these improvements could be great assets.
Hoping those things could become a reality thanks in advance.

Gilger ,

Manque de caractère

Intéressant mais les accents et autres caractères spéciaux ne sont pas supportés. Ils sont remplacés par d'autres qui rendent la lecture du texte impossible sans grosse retouche (directement dans l'application)

Hiryu 2.0 ,

Good application, but needs improvements

Functionality is good, smooth scrolling, no problems.
But it will be a lot better if it can use Dropbox and Sugarsync support to get the files, iOS mail attachment support and .PDF, .DOC , .DOCX support as well.
Only .TXT are supported at this time, and it's not really convenient.

It will be great to if the scroll can be right to left in landscape mode too.

I hope that you can upgrade the app soon because actually I always need to convert all my Documents to .TXT before I can use it, so I couldn't use this app if I don't have a real computer near me. At least, is it possible to add a .DOC / .DOCX converter to .TXT inside the app ?



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