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Why Choose Our App to Begin Your Addiction Recovery Journey ?

- 30+ Scientific Proven Task.
- 5k+ Users Reported Recovery.
- 4.5+ Top-rated (All over world).
- Inbuilt content filter.
- Supported Devices : MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iMac

Reboot : Addiction Tracker is your ultimate tool to overcome pornography addiction, substance addiction, behavioural addiction, or any other form of addictive behaviour and reclaim your life with a science-backed approach. Developed by experts in addiction recovery, this app offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to support you every step of the way. Whether you're just starting your journey or you're looking to strengthen your ongoing commitment.

Key Features:

Scientifically Proven Addiction Recovery Tasks: Engage with over 30+ tasks and exercises proven to aid addiction recovery.

Day Planner: Organize your day with a built-in planner that helps you schedule healthy habits and recovery activities. Stay on track with reminders and achieve a balanced, fulfilling daily routine.

Goal Tracker: Set short-term and long-term goals, and monitor your progress. Our intuitive goal-tracking system helps you visualize your achievements and stay motivated throughout your recovery process.

Addiction Recovery Roadmap: Access a structured recovery plan that guides you through the essential phases of quitting addiction. From initial detox to long-term maintenance, our roadmap adapts to your individual needs and recovery pace.

Inspirational Success Stories: Read uplifting stories from users who have successfully overcome their addiction. Learn from their experiences and apply their insights to your own recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention Tools: Utilize tools specifically designed to handle cravings and prevent relapse. Techniques include mindfulness exercises, emergency motivation boosters, and direct access to community support when you need it most.

Download Reboot : Addiction Tracker today and start your journey to recovery. Empower yourself to achieve a porn-free lifestyle and experience the profound changes that come with it.

Our Scientific Activities for Addiction Recovery:
- Meditation.
- Reflection Questions.
- Daily Motivation.
- Daytime Rehearsal.
- Fear Setting.
- Positive Affirmation.
- Goal Setting.
- Plan Your Day.
- Challenge Card.
- Breathing Exercise.
- Journaling.
- Visualisation.
- Kegal Exercise.
- and More 30+

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