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If you have a subscription for the bookmarking site, this is the application you want. is a bookmarking service with no ads or tracking.
With Roofs your search for bookmarks is fast and simple.
You are going to use this application all day long, a new life for your subscription.

= Features Overview =
• Fast, smart search in your bookmark collection
• iPhone/iPad app included
• Safe because Roofs fills in your url, no typos
• Add a new bookmark from any browser, no browser extension or - plugin needed
• Add a bookmark to a Tab Group; all bookmarks belonging to a tab group can be opened in browser tabs simultaneously
• Create a new bookmark from the Status Menu or via the Dock icon or via a global shortcut
• If a webpage provides extra information this is automatically filled in for you when you add a bookmark
• Export all your bookmarks to a bookmark file
• Can run as a background application without Dock icon
• Smart tag completion when editing bookmark settings
• Overview by date entered, date used or most used
• Each bookmark can open in the browser of your choice
• Set a default browser to use with bookmarks without a preferred browser setting
• Indicates when a link is probably broken
• Can show website favicons
• Remembers last used screen position and window size
• Customizable Space Bar action: toggle read/unread or shared/private
• Customizable swipe actions
• Offers option to change an insecure bookmark to a secure one with a click of the mouse
• The Dock icon shows the total number or the to read number of bookmarks (or nothing)
• Always keeps in sync with the bookmarks on
• Shortcuts for all major functionality
• Auto dark/light mode or mode of your choice (Mojave or higher)
• Can be used without going to your mouse or touchpad
• No additional recurring subscription, just a one time buy
• Written entirely in Swift

= How =
A shortcut opens the search window, you type, press enter and the wanted page is there. No trip to the mouse or trackpad is needed.

= Interface =
Roofs has a modern user interface. It is only there when you want it to be and reacts super fast on your search entries.
Roofs will automatically adjust its appearance for Light and Dark Mode (Mojave or higher).

= Keyboard centric =
All main actions of Roofs can be done with the keyboard. Search, edit, remove and so on.

= Smart Tags =
When you enter tags, the popup will only show tags that are available for the search and aren't entered yet.

= Customizable =
Use Roofs as normal - or as background only application (switch via the Status Bar Menu). Set Auto Hide screen, display of favicons, start at login, slide actions, sort order etc.
Chose an activate shortcut key combination (default SHIFT + CMD + B) and much more.

= Swift =
Roofs is entirely written in Swift (Swift 5). Swift code is safe by design, and produces software that runs lightning-fast.


Version 2.0.2

Fixed a bug that caused a crash on macOS 10.14.* when adding a new bookmark.


Arie van Boxel
8.8 Mo

macOS 10.14 ou une version ultérieure. Nécessite iOS 13.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



3,49 €

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