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Seismo is a little free application that allows you to get a list of earthquakes from around the world.

Seismo uses the data feed provided by United States Geological Survey (USGS) to display the details about all earthquakes from the list.


Version 1.90

This version of Seismo brings a couple of bug fixes and improvements, some of which only surfaced with the new MacOS Catalina:
• BUGFIX: fix an issue where some alert panels were rendered incorrectly
• BUGFIX: fix a layout issue in Preferences window, which became apparent on MacOS Catalina
• BUGFIX: fix an issue where Tsunami Alerts were always showing for every earthquake, regardless of whether the earthquake did pose a Tsunami threat or not
• STABILITY IMPROVEMENTS: several bug fixes to improve stability
• IMPROVEMENT: Seismo now tries to update its own Location when reloading the Earthquake information. Previously only the initially obtained location was used for calculating the distance to each earthquake.
• IMPROVEMENT: when the user selects the minimum magnitude of earthquakes to show, Seismo now requests a filtered (narrower) list of earthquakes from USGS instead of downloading all earthquakes in a given period and filtering them locally; this should improve the speed of downloads as well as limit the data use and reduce the load on USGS servers
• FUNCTIONAL CHANGE: remove the Web Sheet displaying the USGS web page about a given earthquake. Now, the Earthquake Detailed Information panel has a button to open the Earthquake Web Page in the default Browser instead.
• GENERAL CODE MAINTENANCE: modernise the code base to remove the use of deprecated API calls


Michal Krzysztofowicz
9.2 Mo

macOS 10.12 ou une version ultérieure, un processeur 64 bits




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