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Sensor Play - the iPhone Sensor Playground, and the best app for serious scientific research and data recording.

Used by engineers, scientists, teachers, and enthusiasts all around the world.

The sensors built into all iPhones are amazing examples of the power in your pocket. To have a GPS receiver, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, even a Barometer with you at all times is a marvel of miniature engineering. It's simply fun to see the output from all these sensors, play with each interactively, or just view the raw data.

Record Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Barometer, Magnetometer sensor data and share by email for further analysis, or review using the in app viewer.

However Sensor Play is not just a toy.

Beyond the obvious fun of watching the accelerometer and gyroscope graphs bounce around you can now record multi-sensor data all at the same time, even in the background, for a full external analysis of your, or your iPhone's, motion through time and space however you so desire.

And now with Automation you can trigger your recordings to start either after a simple delay, when you enter or leave a preset GPS Region, or when the iPhone is nudged above a selected gForce.
Then end your recordings either after a set duration, or when you enter or leave a preset GPS Region.

Automation makes getting the data you want so much easier, and eliminates lots of unnecessary recorded data. Set up the triggers as required, close the phone and go.
Set and Forget! Later when you open SensorPlay the data you were after will have been automatically recorded and saved for you.

The following data is recorded to a csv file for sharing through the standard iPhone share sheet.
Accelerometer: X, Y, Z
Gyroscope: X, Y, Z
Attitude: Roll, Pitch, Yaw
Location: Longitude, Latitude, Speed, TrueHeading, Altitude
Motion Activity: Type & Confidence
Barometer: Pressure, Relative Altitude
Magnetometer: µT X, Y, Z, calibrated x,y,z, rotation matrix, and quaternion

Visual graphs of sensor recordings in one place, as long as they're not too large anyway.

Background mode is supported for all recordings, accelerometer, gyro, and multi-sensor export, lock your screen and keep recording all sensor data for up to six hours.

A serious engineering, scientific, and educational analysis tool.

Sharing of all recordings is now through the built in share options which includes, Airdrop, mail, message, notes, dropbox (if installed), etc.

Sensors currently supported:

Barometer (iPhone 6 and above only)
- see the atmospheric pressure in a choice of 7 units, see your relative altitude plotted over time.
- Widget available to display the atmospheric pressure in the notification centre.
- See the g-forces on the X,Y,Z axis and see them traced over time.
- Widget available to show gMax in X,Y,Z axis on notification screen.
- Record the data and share for further analysis
- Watch the rate of rotation over the X,Y,Z axis plotted over time.
- Record the data and share for further analysis
GPS/Location Services
- See your exact location mapped on screen and share your Lat/Long coordinates by text or email.
- See the magnetic field acting on the X, Y, Z, axis along with an interactive compass.
3D/Force Touch (6S & above only)

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Version 5.4

Accelerometer view now has a 2D Lissajous overlay option with axis selection for more insight of motion and vibration analysis.
Gyro view now shows Roll/Pitch/Yaw Angle gauges, plus you can select the Attitude reference frame from those available on your device.
Multi Sensor Recording enables you to select the Attitude reference frame from those available on your device.

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4,9 sur 5
8 notes

8 notes

SapiensSapiens ,

A bord d’un avion d’entraînement

Simple, pratique, efficace et performant 👍

(il manque peut-être des informations permettant de mieux caractériser la précision/qualité de la mesure GPS autre que le paramètre « confidence » oscillant entre « low » et « high »)

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks for the feedback.
The 'Low/Med/High' Confidence display refers to the motion Activity detected; walking, running, etc, not the gps accuracy. The gps accuracy is shown by the +/- horizontal and vertical accuracy figures in meters. I can see how there could be confusion though so thanks for pointing it out.

Poun1152 ,

Très bien

App très intéressante, il manque cependant les dixièmes ou centièmes de secondes pour mieux analyser les événements

Ok, i found it, it was just a matter of column width in excel

Réponse du développeur ,

Hi, glad to hear you like Sensor Play.
The exported Timestamp in the csv file is actually down to 1/1000 of a second, e.g., "19-Apr-2018 12:15:45.123", please contact me directly with where you are not seeing this so we can resolve any issue.

Michel Brangier ,


Efficace. Il manque un enregistrement dans ICloud et
qu’est-ce -ce que c’est 3D Touch?

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