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Get more sleep with the Kid's Sleep Clock. If your child is waking up too early because they don't know if it's time to wake up yet this is the app for you. The app provides a visual alarm; the clock face glows blue when it is time to sleep, and yellow when it is time to wake up. Great for kids who can't tell time. There are also short-term green and red modes that can be used to set short-term timers (like quiet time or time-out). Since it glows all night long, it also acts as a nightlight; you can set the brightness of your device to whatever you want. Since the light will stay on all night, it is recommended that you plug your device.

The app works best for kids that are 2+ and can be taught that they should 'stay in bed when the clock is blue'. The app can optionally display the digital time on the face if your child is a bit older. Alarm sound is optional; if your child is a heavy sleeper in the morning and needs to be woken up, this will do the trick. But if you want to let your son or daughter sleep in, don't set the alarm at all! Dedicated clocks usually cost $40 or more, this is an inexpensive way to see if this can work for your family and help you get more of that precious morning sleep!

* Programmable sleep and awake times
* Two programmable timers with five customizable colours
* Night time (blue) means it's still time to sleep
* Wakeup time (yellow) indicates it is ok to get up
* Optional audible alarm at wakeup or when timers end
* Kids can sleep past the programmed time if the alarm is off
* Acts as a night-light
* Works well at home or while travelling and adjusting to time zone changes
* Great way to make use of an older phone or tablet


Version 3.5.0

* Improved timezone support for travelling.
* Minor timezone fixes which impacted clock changing on schedule.

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