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Brain: You aren't good enough to get that job so don't even try.

You: ...

Brain: You'll never find love because fundamentally you aren't worthy.

You: ...

Brain: You know I'm right.

If you can relate, you should download Simmer. I developed it to help catalog my C.B.T exercises. If you haven't heard of C.B.T allow me to explain. C.B.T stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Its a field of psychotherapy that attempts to make really powerful emotions more manageable through the power of logic and the cold hard facts.

You start by describing your situation and the emotions you are feeling. Then you list off your thoughts. This can be anything that is running through your head at the time. The goal is to identify which specific thought is really weighing on you. Once you've identified the "Hot Thought" its time to look at the evidence. Start by listing off all the supporting evidence for the hot thought. Proceed by listing off the contradicting evidence. Finally, and this is the most important part, you look at the evidence and try to come up with a more accurate description of the situation. We call this the alternative thought. Finally evaluate your mood at the conclusion of the exercise.

In the future I hope to add the ability to search for key terms between all your exercises so you can quickly find C.B.T exercises you've done in the past to see the similarities between your thought patterns.


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