Sort-O - Rack-O inspired game 4+

Chris Wolf

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Each player is dealt 10 cards in random order. Try to sort your cords in numerical order in order to Sort-O and win the round!

1-4 Players:

You can play anytime and anywhere against computers and/or friends! Sort-O allows for a 2, 3, or 4 player game, but only one human player is required. To allow for appropriate length games, in 2 player mode there are 40 total cards, in 3 player mode there are 50 total cards, and in 4 player mode there are 60 total cards. Play against your friends in pass-and-play mode, or play against computers at difficulties of your choosing. The bots range from Very Easy to Very Hard to allow for an enjoyable experience for everyone.


Change various settings so you can play Sort-O exactly how you want to. First set the score to win, this dictates how many points players needs in order to win the game. Next, choose your game mode. In Classic mode, players simply need to sort their cards in ascending order. Other game modes include Run of 3, Run of 4, and Run of 5. In these other game modes you must have x cards in a row (example: 33, 34, 35) AND have all of your cards in numerical order in order to Sort-O. Lastly, you can turn bonus points on and off. With bonuses on having cards in a row will earn players additional points if they Sort-O.

Other customization options include customizing your card holder, deck back, player name, and player image.


Sort-O keeps track of various statistics while you play. Take a look at your games played, win percentages, high scores, etc.. Use your statistics to figure out your weaknesses and improve your game.



-Pass-and-play multiplayer
-Multiple difficulty modes
-Multiple customization options
-Up to 4 players
-Designed for ages 8+


Sort-O is inspired by the card game Rack-O. Please look into the card game Rack-O which is currently being produced by Winning Moves Games.


Version 1.5

Added sounds for Sort-O's
Fixed visual bug with one of the characters
Added additional statistics

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