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Watch Spawn on the big screen! Spawn HD now supports TV Out for iPod 4G, iPhone 4 and iPad. For best results use the VGA connector (720p). Component and Composite cables work as well (480p).

Spawn HD is the best Wallpaper app period! A swarm of colored lights dance across the screen that you can completely control with your fingers. Create the most amazing masterpieces with a touch of your imagination. It's that easy. With this version, you can control the size, shape, color and number of Spawn particles … even enable the microphone to further make the light show pulsate in rythm! This latest version also includes the wildly popular Symmetry and Glow app, at no extra charge! With Symmetry, you'll easily turn your design into a true masterpiece.

- Three fingers on the screens bring up the menu wheel
-> Select a play or pinch/spread mode
-> Select ok (middle of the menu)
-> Once the menu is gone pinch or spread your fingers on the screen and see how it affects the show.
- When mic input is enabled, particles fly slower (and screen pulses). To turn off the pulsing and make the particles fast again enable mic zoom speed and pinch until particles are faster again. Particles will still react to sound.
- To reset all settings tap on the circle with the x inside and hit ok.
- To take a screenshot press the home button and the lock button at the same time.
- When you double tap the particles instantly, they explode creating a firework in your hand.
- Go to and upload your own Spawn HD creation to our image gallery. If you get selected, and with your permission, we will use YOUR image as demo screen in the iTunes store!

Our new spawn-based game, Genesis, which adds puzzle solving to your experience, is now available in the app store. Think you got what it takes to navigate through all the levels? Good luck! ;)

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With nearly 20 years of computer graphics engineering under the belt and a passion for artistic expression, EODSoft, has launched an amazing series of interactive light show and game revolution for the device. Check them all out in the app store!


Version 3.1

- Update for iOS 6.0
- iPhone 5 support for larger screen

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1 note

1 note

Vicou2712 ,

Absolument excellent.

En effet, comme le dit un précédent commentaire, c'est une jubilation visuelle quasi sans fin. Seulement, le temps d'attente est important (mais pas non plus terrible) et a chaque lancement on nous balance un message super chiant du style "A little help please" ou "Submit a review to help us". Je trouve sa extremement désagréable, nous on veut juste jouer avec des filaments colores, les tordre, etc... Et non pas se faire tanner pour qu'on fasse telle ou telle chose. Du coup je retire une étoile :( Mais sinon super.

Jerleterrible ,

Sans fin

Une jubilation visuelle quasi sans fin.


Hypnotique !!

Super application que je n'ai pas hésité à acheter après essai.
Petite difficulté de prise en main de l'interface en lanque anglaise ... un peu de persévèrence et ensuite quel régal de pouvoir
réaliser ses propres images de page d'accueil. Limite de l'application notre propre imaginaire !!!


Elements of Design LLC
8.7 Mo

Nécessite iOS 4.3 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



Classé 4+
© Nikolai Sander
1,09 €

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