iPhone 截圖


Want to know how fast you're going, without having to look at your iPhone screen? Speed Speak is a talking speedometer, which announces your speed aloud using text-to-speech technology!

Use it while skateboarding, cycling, sailing, kayaking, gokarting, blokarting, skiing, snowboarding... or anywhere where you don't (or perhaps do) have a dashboard!

Options screen allows you to choose between:
* miles per hour
* kilometers per hour
* knots
* US, UK and AU voices

Configure how often, or at what speed intervals, you'd like your speed announced.


Note: SpeedSpeak isn't a substitute for your vehicle's speedometer. It is dangerous (and might be illegal) to use your iPhone while driving. Always drive below the speed limit and pay attention to the road.


版本 2.0

* Two new voices (UK and AU)
* A new look for iOS 7

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