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SUDOKU IN 3D – Sudoku Evolved expands upon traditional Sudoku by extending it to three dimensions. Each face of a cube contains a unique Sudoku puzzle that follows normal Sudoku rules. What makes Sudoku Evolved unique is that the numbers on the edges are shared between faces, creating a link between adjacent puzzles. This allows for interesting new gameplay—solving for clues on one side of the cube may help you figure out clues on another side!

ALL ABILITIES – With four different difficulty levels, you'll be able to play at a level that suits your abilities whether you are brand new to Sudoku or a seasoned veteran.

CUSTOMIZE – Choose between Light mode or Dark mode depending on if you are playing during the day or at night. There are also many color options to choose from, such as each face having its own unique color or choosing a single color for all faces.

- Four Difficulty Levels
- Thousands of Unique Puzzles
- Light/Dark Mode
- Multiple Color Schemes
- Take Notes in Cells
- Row, Column and Square highlighting
- Highlight Matching Numbers
- Highlight Wrong Numbers
- Undo
- Hints


Version 1.5.1

Minor updates

Notes et avis

4.8 sur 5
18 notes

18 notes

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Nice idea

Simple, efficient, well done. But really too easy

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