Two's: Two Cards 4+

Goutam Shetty

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Short Description : Enter this classic competitive game and hone your skills in this Two’s card game.

Two’s, Flip the Deck and change the game! You will need good strategies to challenge millions of real players online. Just show your skills right now and become a master of Two’s!

The objective of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards, and when there are two cards to go, don't forget to shout "Two’s!”

In this fun game, two is more important than one and numbers are king! To start, there are two piles in the middle, and on each player’s turn they can play on both piles with either one or two cards. In a fun twist, if a player has two cards that add up to the number of the card in the center pile, they are able to put down both cards.

Two’s is a race to get rid of your cards before your opponents do. And in a fun twist, now when you’re down to two cards, don’t forget to shout ‘Two’s’.

There are many ways you can match a face up card in a Two’s game. A player can play a card that exactly matches the number on one of the faces up cards (single number match).
A player can play two cards that add up to one of the face up cards (double number match).
A player can play a card that exactly matches the number and color on one of the face up cards (single color match) and can discard one card from their hand at the end of their turn .
Otherwise a player can play two cards that add up to one of the face up cards and match the color (double color match), and all other players must draw one card and the player who made the match can discard one card from their hand at the end of their turn.

The basic premise of the Two’s game is to play cards from your hand by matching the number of the last played card.

If you happen to lose all your coins, we have various in-game activities in Two’s to help you backup on your feet, such as Spin Wheel, and Watch videos to earn coins!

Play the best thrilling card game Two’s with other players near your skill level that provides a fair experience for everyone!

Download Two’s today for endless hours of fun!!

***Two’s Features ***
* 2,3 and 4 Player Mode.
* Get Free coins by Spin wheel.
* Fast-paced, competitive and fun - for free!
* Achievements and Leaderboard.
* Create a Private Room and Invite Friends and Family.
* Play with players across the world.
* Watch videos to earn coins.
* Rules of the game are explained in great detail in the ‘Settings’ section.
* Touch friendly interface.

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Enjoy playing Two’s!

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