Version 3.0.0

Unlox v3 is here! Please note v3 is not compatible with v2 and you will need to update Unlox for macOS to v3 as soon as possible to keep using Unlox. Unlox v3 is a free update for all existing Unlox users.

Here's what's changed:

- Unlox for iOS can now control your Mac's volume level.
- Unlox for iOS has an option to manually start the screensaver from the context menu.
- Unlox for macOS can now connect to multiple iOS devices, meaning you can connect one or more iOS devices to one Mac, and one or more Macs to one iOS device. I recommend adding no more than two iOS devices per Mac (an iPhone and iPad work nicely!), but you're welcome to add as many as you like.
- Each iOS device you add to Unlox for macOS has independent AutoLock and AutoWake controls.
- Added logging to the iOS app that will never leave your iOS device unless you want it to. If you're ever experiencing issues with Unlox, you can share those logs with me by tapping on the option in Settings and then sharing over email etc. Your privacy and trust has always been Unlox's top priority and it always will be.
- Unlox for iOS is now more power-efficient. Unlox has always been one of the most power-efficient apps on your phone, but now it's even better, and you'll likely never even see it show in the battery usage section of your phone settings for a lot of the time.
- Some small tweaks to text used in the app, like saying "Unlock" instead of "Okay" when being asked to confirm if Unlox should unlock your Mac. This makes it clearer what confirming will actually do, which is great for everyone but even better for accessibility.
- Confirmation alerts for unlocking/entering your password now automatically dismiss if your Mac is unlocked from another device or Tap to Unlock etc.

- Unlox for iOS and macOS have been re-written to fix the missing name bug on Mojave.
- For some people, Unlox for macOS would see their iOS device as a "new" device periodically. This should be fixed in v3 by using a more robust system pairing when setting up your Mac. If you see a system pairing popup during setup, make sure you accept so that Unlox for macOS can securely connect to your phone as a trusted device.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. I know this update took much longer than people expected, including me! There have been some issues to work around but I think it's mostly there now. Let me know how you get on by tweeting me @UnloxHelp!

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101 notes

RapideeLebel ,

Pour le moment c'est parfait

Je l'ai acheté il y a quelques jours et c'est réellement pratique sa change vraiment l'utilisation de mon Mac, dès que je m'approche de mon ordinateur il se déverrouille tout seul extra pour le moment !

phis5533 ,


Après MacID, Unlox! On ne peut plus s’en passer, surtout en open Space! Dès que je quitte la place mon mac est sécurisé et dès que je reviens je peux travailler.... Absolument génial !!

Souhir1 ,

Utilisation peu pratique à mettre en place

Dommage que c'est en anglais.c'est dur de le connecter.


Kane Cheshire
46.5 Mo

Nécessite iOS 11.2 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



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