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Xnote can be described as Geocaching meets Pokémon GO. Kids or adults are sent on simple treasure hunts outdoors for virtual messages.

*** Rated 4+ out of 5 by, a leading reviewer of educational apps ***

Xnote is really easy. Start by sending a message to yourself to see how it works!

You use the app:
1 Create a message (photo & text)
2 "Hide" it by choosing a spot on a map
3 Send it to someone using SMS (or any other app)

The recipient use any smartphone:
1 Receives the SMS with a weblink
2 Clicks the link and follows instructions
(It costs nothing and no app is needed!)

A web page is shown with a map, he/she must walk to the right location before the message can be read.

Guide young children if they need support. Note that Xnote can be really fun for adults as well :)

--- Try this:
- Hide message in garden & award price if found
- Hide a fun photo outside a friends house
- Flirt! Hide love note :)
- Hide a greeting outside a distant cousins home (messages can be hidden anywhere in the world!)

Try Xnote for free and buy the premium version if you like it :) Premium allows you to link messages and create activities that are even more fun!

--- Create activities:
- Create a treasure hunt in the schoolyard
- Create a scavenger hunt with challenges such as "Collect five different types of leaves" in a park close by

--- Kids school favorite:
- Create a "quiz hunt" by adding multiple-choice questions in linked messages. Kids will answer one question at each stop and then see their results (and correct/incorrect answers) at the end (more info at Create a quiz walk with science, math or nature questions.

--- Other suggestions:
- Create simple games to enhance a party or event
- Surprise your overseas friend with a photo hidden in their own backyard...
- Fresh, fun marketing for your company or event using Facebook, Twitter, Email or the web. Create activities such as treasure hunts, quiz walks and tours for your visitors.

--- Why?
Kids love the excitement of a treasure hunt. They learn about nature, navigation and teamwork while having great fun. Xnote can be a convenient alternative to geocaching for teachers and parents since virtual treasures can be hidden near home or school without having to go there.

--- How it works:
You only need the app to create Xnotes. The person you send to can use any smartphone or tablet with GPS and internet access (ie most nowadays) to find the message. No app is needed since the smartphone's browser is used. This means you can surprise friends and family by just sending them an Xnote, they will get simple and clear instructions explaining what this is and what to do. It will not cost them anything.

Note that iPads with only WiFi has no GPS and can thus NOT be used to track messages.

--- Why outdoors?
Study after study shows that time spent in nature increases happiness, health and well-being in kids. However, modern kids have lost touch with nature and the outdoors in just one generation argues
Technology can be a great way to sell the outdoors. One exploratory study suggests that technology may help engage children in outdoor activities. Use Xnote as a bridge between screen time and outdoor activities by sending the kids on an exciting treasure hunt. Leave room for free play once out there with time to explore, imagine and create which is great for building confidence and creativity.


For more info:


Version 5.1.3

Unique and fun way to activate kids!
- Minor bug fixes
- Updated sharing options

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