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WorkStudy+ is the right solution for all of your time study and work sampling data collection projects. It is used by thousands of industrial engineers and time study data collectors worldwide, and is now available free for personal and educational use on iOS devices.

WorkStudy+ has been designed to be easy and intuitive to learn and work with, yet powerful enough to handle data collection projects of any complexity.

Here are just some of the features that make WorkStudy+ the best tool for all your time study and sampling data collection needs:

- Create and edit any number of time study and sampling study files on the device
- Share existing study files between devices easily via e-mail, or cloud storage apps
- Time study multiple subjects at the same time
- Assign meaningful names and descriptions to your elements
- Visually identify individual elements/tasks by configuring display colors, fonts and layout of your element lists
- Organize elements/tasks and element groups within element lists in a hierarchical fashion
- Create ‘Action’ elements to automate parts of your data collection process
- Work easily even with complex studies containing 1,000s of elements/tasks and 1,000s of observations
- Automate selection of successive elements/tasks for repetitive studies
- Track numeric values, individual job cycles and delay type elements
- Track value added and non-value added time for lean analysis
- Performance rate (speed rate) individual observations
- Scratch unwanted study observations
- Enter verbose comments for individual observations, work cycles or study subjects
- Interrupt and resume any observation
- Set up custom user-defined fields for recording of extra information for study, cycle or observation data
- View summary and detailed statistical information during or after completion of your study, right on your device
- Enter post study comments upon completion of a study
- View your study data in any one of 5 different time formats
- Choose desired % error and confidence % to customize your statistical results
- Use the built-in random or rapid sampling timers for performing random sampling studies

WorkStudy+ also comes with a professional add-on application for generating powerful and customizable statistical reports in Microsoft Excel, as well as powerful creation and editing of study files on PCs. This add-on application is not required for use of WorkStudy+ on your iOS device.

WorkStudy+ is the one professional and versatile tool that no industrial engineer or time study data collector should be without! Download the free app today!


Version 6.22.02

Compatibility updates for newer versions of iOS, as well as minor feature enhancements.

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