Survive Your First Night in Minecraft

Follow these tips to keep the Creepers at bay.


Create, explore and survive!


Zombies are moaning. Creepers are hissing. It’s very, very dark.

Nothing is quite as thrilling—or terrifying—as your first night in Minecraft’s Survival mode.

Your goal: Explore and refashion a sprawling, blocky sandbox. But when the sun starts inching toward the horizon, it’s time to prep for the darkness. Here’s how.

Scout it out

‣ Before you build, pick a good location. Search for a spot near trees, a source of stone, and some hills. Your first night’s accommodation is like a roadside motel: just the basics, because you won’t be there long.

No tools? No problem! Punch your way to some free wood.

Punch trees

‣ Your next order of business: Gather some resources. Though you begin a new game empty-handed, you’re not helpless. Curl your hands into fists and start punching stuff! Sock some trees until you get a half-dozen wood blocks, then convert those into planks and build a crafting table, which is essential for creating survival tools. Work quickly—a Minecraft day only lasts about 10 minutes.

Gear up

‣ It’s tool time! Head to your crafting table, turn your planks into sticks, and build a pickax, shovel, ax, and sword. Then use the pickaxe and shovel to load up on wood and stone. Keep an eye out for coal too. It’ll come in handy later.

Sheep sure are cute! They’re also key to your survival.

Chow time

‣ Getting hungry? Grab your sword and hunt a few sheep—they drop both tasty mutton and valuable wool. Cows, pigs, and chickens make for hearty fare too.

Hunker down

‣ Let’s build! Find a hillside and dig a sideways tunnel four or five blocks deep. Then carve out a three-by-three room. No hills around? Dig your tunnel into the ground and build a little bunker for the night. Don’t forget to break down your crafting table and move it inside.

Don’t forget to shut the door!

Stay safe

‣ A roof over your head is great, but you need to keep out any creepy-crawlies. Craft a wooden door—or just use a block of dirt—to close off your tunnel. If you snagged some coal, craft torches (to light your space) and a furnace to cook your meat. (You could eat it raw, but...yuck.) When night falls, you’ll probably hear hostile mobs milling around outside, but fear not. Just close the door and they’ll be harmless!

Bide your time

‣ If you managed to nab three blocks of wool, craft a bed and go to sleep—it’ll be daytime in an instant. Otherwise, spend the night digging deeper into your mini-cave, or—if you’re feeling bold—making quick forays outside to gather more resources. When the sun comes up, pat yourself on the back and get moving. Another sunset is on its way!


    Create, explore and survive!