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Saudi Bazaar: It is the real meaning of the popular expression: the people of Mecca knows more about its reefs.

Saudi Bazaar: It is the real meaning of the popular expression: the people of Mecca knows more about its reefs.
It is the leading e-commerce platform that works with national team in international standard, It is from K.S.A to the people of the K.S.A and residents of it, and know well the products that suit the society and the Saudi environment.
Saudi Bazaar: supervised and leads by consultants, administrators, marketing experts, quality engineers, planning and market studies, all qualified and highly trained staff.
Saudi Bazaar: is the first e-commerce Platform in the Arab world, allowing the consumers to shop by selecting the city where they wants to shop to show them the products available in that city and can be shipped to them, which means each city has different products and different prices due to different shipping and installation costs.
Saudi Bazaar platform will be an integrated market for everything related to the House needs in K.S.A as a first stage , including electrical appliances, household appliances, furniture, building materials, tools, industrial tools, sanitary and gardening supplies, in addition to antiques, accessories and decoration supplies all accompanied by delivery and installation services.
The operation of the Saudi Bazaar platform depends on the products of its business partners in the areas they can cover in terms of after-sales services (delivery and installation) by attracting the largest number of dealers kingdom wise to display their products and sell it thru Saudi Bazaar platform within their geographical scope.
Saudi Bazaar ... is a permanent free and open exhibition 24/365, all around an area of 2,150 million Sq. km, which is the entire area of Saudi Arabia, allows you to buy and sell without operating costs at all, which sincerely confirms the slogan (save rent cost to support prices).


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