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Put your mileage logbook on autopilot: Let your phone track your trips, and have your mileage documentation ready for hand-over at any time.

1,000,000+ trust us with their mileage logbook. Get started for free today!

▶ 1. TRACK: Record your trips on the go

- Simply press start and let the app take care of the rest. Driversnote records your trip from start to finish using your phone’s GPS.
- Never forget to log a trip again, just enable our Auto Tracking and, all your trips will automatically be logged in the background. Just keep the phone in your pocket.
- Forgot a trip? No problem, you can always manually add a trip later on. Simply select where the trip started and ended and we’ll calculate a route.

▶ 2. CLASSIFY: Log who you visited & the purpose

- Easily categorise your trips as business or private.
- Start and stop destinations are automatically logged, and you can easily name your locations. We’ll even suggest frequented locations nearby, so you simply select the one you visited.
- When returning to the same place the app automatically finds previous locations nearby - which saves you time.
- Do you need to keep a mileage log for multiple vehicles or report mileage to more than one employer? No problem! You can easily split your trips and reports for different vehicles and workplaces.

▶ 3. REPORT: Easily submit your tax compliant logbook

- Your mileage documentation is ready when you are. You’re only one click away from detailed reports available on your phone or desktop. Download as a PDF or Excel file, ready to hand over to your employer or accountant at your convenience.
- We create a complete, detailed report that can be given to your local tax authority (e.g. HMRC) as documentation for reimbursement claims or tax deductions.
- Do you need to log your car’s odometer? We’ve got you covered. You decide how often you log your odometer and we do all the math between trips. You can set the app to remind you daily, weekly or monthly.


- We primarily support the following countries: USA (IRS), Canada (CRA), Australia (ATO), United Kingdom (HMRC), Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. But our system is used in more than 50 countries.
- For UK users, the mileage rate will automatically change after the first 10,000 business miles, as required by HMRC.
- Driversnote automatically calculates reimbursements based on the current mileage rates from your local tax authority (that we make sure to keep up-to-date).
- You can set your own custom reimbursement rates or opt-out of calculating reimbursements altogether.


- All your data is secured on your online account, and is always available even if you lose your phone.
- You can easily manage everything from our website. From here you can access your trips, manage your locations etc. and print reports or download them as PDF or Excel.


- Place a Driversnote iBeacon in your car and the app will automatically record all your trips in the background. You will never forget to log a trip again.
- When you sign up for the annual basic subscription we’ll send you an iBeacon for free.
- Your phone connects to the iBeacon when you enter the vehicle, and starts recording as you begin your drive.
- The app stops recording when you exit your vehicle, and you’ll get a notification that the trip was logged.


- If you have questions or feedback please contact us at tel. (+45) 71 99 37 54 or
- We do use the GPS in the background when logging a trip, and continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Happy tracking!


Versio 4.4.1

- Improved tracking with the iBeacon.
- Fixed various crashes in the app.
- Updated design of all form fields in various Settings screens.
- Other bugfixes.

Do you have feedback? Let us know at

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2,6 t. arviota

2,6 t. arviota


Update now stops tracking mileage between stops

Been using this for years, and having tried other apps, wouldn’t use anything else, mainly because this app keeps tracking mileage even during stops & continues until you tell it to stop tracking - essential for tracking mileage throughout a day with multiple stops.

But then after the “update” to version 2, there is a new “feature” that automatically stops tracking if I have stopped for a while.

Honestly, why can’t developers just make new features optional? If I wanted to stop tracking between destinations then I could just turn the tracking off, you know? Now I have to try and remember to switch it in between trips ... I can only assume this is to try and make it so annoying to use that everyone will buy the beacon thing. Well, I might have even done that if you’d given me a decent incentive, but making it annoying to use without spending money is more likely to send me to the competition, frankly.


Driversnote - iBeacon is not accurate!!!

Well, sadly I did not read these reviews before buying!!

I bought the product - paid upfront for the year on the strength that I believed the ‘start tracking a trip’ worked so well, why would the promise of auto-tracking not as well!?!

Well, it has wound me up so much -


I have had it three days now, I was so excited on the ‘stating’ that it would automatically record trips, as put - ‘without taking it out of your pocket!’ Just get in the car and drive - how wrong can you be!!

My first trip didnt start and stop when it should have.

My second trip didn’t even record, one trip, I got out of the car for a stop and it didn’t even record the stop, just made a continuously journey of the two which I then had to correct!!

The prospect of this working i suppose would be too good to be true.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, taken of the iBeacon and put it back on, still its not accurate and it takes away all the pleasure if you have to keep going on to correct it!!!!

Please folks, DO NOT BUY IT - it doesn’t do what it states on the tin!!

Driversnote - great concept but get it working properly first before you sell it to the public..... company’s cannot get away with this anymore, with social media, it gets revealed and the product is shown up.

Please arrange a reduction and refund for the lack of the ibeacon not working.

Kehittäjän vastaus

Hi Paul

Thank you for your mail and messages on Facebook.

No, from your description it doesn't sound like you have a faulty iBeacon. There's a slight delay before the tracking commences when you enter your car to ensure that the trip is valid. If you drive from a "Saved Location" the app will automatically pick the saved location as your starting or stopping point. You can correct the location, if you should be parking within 500 meters from the actual address.

The app will also keep tracking up to 5 minutes after you have disconnected from the iBeacon. It's unfortunate that you have business stops that are shorter than the 5 minutes limit. Again, the app will pick a saved Location from the last tracked GPS-point where you drove in the speed of a car/vehicle, so the 5 minutes is to ensure that the trip is done. Or if you should make a short toiletbreak or fill up gas.
We revising this limit and I'll forward your message to our product team.

Due that you're within your trial period, we'll be happy to refund your money back to your card, if you send us back our iBeacon. We'll process the refund as soon as we have the iBeacon in our possession.

Looking forward to hearing how you want to proceed.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Perfect app for occasional users.. can’t believe it is free

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to write and say thanks for making such a great app and website. I only use my vehicle for work trips very occasionally so needed an app that works for my low use and yours does exactly that. Being able to retrospectively add journeys through the website which then calculate the distance and tax allowance is such a great feature and I wish I had discovered your app before having to do my U.K. tax return in January.

One possible suggestion would be the ability to choose route options when adding them in manually, although now I have discovered the app I hopefully won’t have to add things in the future by hand!

I don’t use my car nearly enough to justify a monthly or annual subscription but would happily pay a one time fee to keep the service exactly as it is now. Maybe you could offer the first 20 trips for free then as well as your existing plans offer an “X” trips per month one time purchase for a few pounds? Must be kind of crazy a user is asking to be charged something! I just think there must be other self employed people like me who are very light users who would also just pay once as they can’t justify the ongoing monthly cost.

Anyway, thanks again for making a real great app. I hope that you are able to keep it maintained now I have found it and made it part of my work journeys.

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