ALPACA - delete photos efficiently, organize camera roll and save memory 4+

yuki tanabe

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More than million photos have been deleted by Alpaca!
Many App Review sites introduced Alpaca as a new sensational photo app.

*** Recommend to ***

・Who likes rapid shooting
・Who wants to free memory space
・Who likes to clean and organize

*** What ALPACA does ***

■ Grouping similar photos

ALPACA automatically makes a group of photos that need to be organized.
It is very convenient to select photos to keep because similar photos will be in a same group.

■ Incredibly fast

Choose photos you keep, not photos you delete.
Photos will be easily organized by very little operation and it sure is fast.

■ Pretty design

Watching ALPACA will make you relaxed.
ALPACA is designed for making you happy.
If you delete many many pictures, ALPACA will be happy, too!

■ If you regret deleting...

Photos deleted by ALPACA will not completely gone for 30 days.
You can undo the deletion by choosing "Recently delete" from Camera roll.

You don't need to login, or register to anywhere for using ALPACA.
Clean your Camera roll and shoot many many great new photos!

iOS 8 or upper version is needed to use ALPACA.
If you can't download ALPACA, please try updating OS.


版本 1.8

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

bug fix


4.8(滿分 5 分)
181 則評分

181 則評分


Simple yet effective way to sort through the mess!

Great app! It shows you multiple photos of a similar nature that you can individually filter through until you’re left with only your favourites. It makes things easier to handle for folk like me who take thousands of pics a month 😬



I automatically upload my photos to iCloud and so only a thumbnail and low resolution version are kept on my phone. This app seems to default to showing a blown up version of the thumbnail if the full res photo isn't available. The result being I'm trying to decide which photos to keep based on a very poor quality image where you can barely identify the people yet alone work out in which photo they have the best expression.

Unfortunately this means the app is currently unusable for me and probably for anyone storing their photos on iCloud. However overall the design is good so I'm looking forward to a future version that addresses this issue.


Amazing app!

As a GachaTuber, I constantly have to delete screenshots and on IPhone, it is very slow and boring to delete them one by one. Alpaca has made it easy to delete my photos quicker so I can make more videos!

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