Bit Maestro Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Fruitbat1919 ,

Great update

With the opening of the parameters in AUM, this is now my go to fx. I probably use it much more subtly than most, but it does that just as well as over the top.

Brings a little life to some over clean digital sounds - like the DX7 was super digital, but never clean as its output was always a little dirty.

The ability to affect parameters by sending LFOs etc at it is how I like to get creative. Making the dirt rise along the timeline of the sound or playing with the onboard filter in creative ways - great update and well deserving of five stars for a receptive developer. I wish you all the best in these troubled times.

Developer Response ,

Many thanks! Hope it makes lockdown a little easier to bare 💪🏻

Jamie Mal ,

Crush My Bits!

I’ve tried a few Apps that do similar things to this one, but none of them have quite so much scope as this one and therefore this App is the best in terms of achieving some truly musical noise. That said, it can also take you from a subtle blend of digital distortion to absolute noisy insanity and everything inbetween.

robosardine ,

Give me a bit

Great - bit crushing. It’s all there. Smooth, crunchy, super smooth, super crunchy and everything in between.. and inside out.

Developer Response ,

Not too oily, not too dry!

re5etuk ,

Very nice

As an ex owner of an oto biscuit this is a nice alternative ... much of the functionality and feel but £100’s cheaper and convenient.

CammynotCammie ,


I paid five pounds for this, I don’t know how to record or import?? Help??

Developer Response ,

Hi Cammy. Apologies, when you emailed me I thought you were enquiring about Jam Maestro (although you didn’t reply?). Bit Maestro supports AUv3 and inter-app audio. To apply Bit Maestro effects to your track you will need to add Bit Maestro as an effect in the effects chain of the track you are working on in your DAW of choice. If you aren’t using a DAW I recommend trying the app AUM, it’s a great piece of technical glue connect all your apps together. Feel free to email me if all this sounds foreign and I will do my best to help.