forger is a digital sculpting and texture painting application for the artist who wants to be able to work on the go. forger lets you sculpt and texture paint while you are on the train, sitting on the couch, or waiting in a queue.

Featuring an intuitive multitouch interface, many sculpting brushes, powerful remeshing capabilities, the ability to import/export OBJ files, a desktop-class brush system, and many other awesome features, now thanks to forger you can sketch out ideas anywhere you go.

File I/O
Save your scenes to the internal scene format and use the popular OBJ file format to import or export new models or base meshes, Alembic file import is supported too.

With many brushes to choose from; standard, clay, flatten, move, pull, smooth, pinch, inflate, crease, scrape, polish, planar, layer, stamp and mask. You will always find the one you need for the right task, each brush has an alternate function that does even more! Use custom stamps (alphas) to finish your models.
forger has a desktop-class brush engine that allows you to be able to do anything you would in a regular Desktop sculpting application, without compromises, whether you're after using brush images, need jitters or want to do smooth strokes, you no longer need to compromise your workflow for using a mobile app.

Professional concept sculpting
With two powerful remeshing algorithms (volume based remeshing and edge-flow topological remeshing), the ability to cap holes, slice, split and merge sub-meshes; doing concept sculpting on a mobile device is no longer a dream.

Multi-resolution meshes
Increase the resolution of the model by multiplying the number of faces by four, whilst keeping the previous (coarser) version of the mesh as another sub-level. Step back and forth between levels to do big changes or work on details. Rebuild subdivision levels on previously subdivided meshes if importing from another software and carry on with forger!

Partial mesh visibility
Hiding parts of the model you are working on will help you focus on your sculpture, and getting to hard to reach areas.

Control the areas your brushes can affect by masking them. Masking will make sculpting in delicate areas easier.

Sculpt layers
Work in a non destructive manner by creating layers per sub-level for quick concepting and adjusting their intensities for different results.

Advanced stylus & external keyboard support
Users can choose whether they want brushes to be affected by pressure in strength or size. Users that are used to sculpting & texturing softwares will feel at home with keyboard support, allowing them to skip the learning stage of the app due to the very common shortcuts found in known Desktop 3D digital content creation tools.

Vertex Colors
Paint your creations with per-vertex colors for presentation purposes, use this to create rough base textures or final stylized ones.

The app has a forum which you can use if you have any ideas on how it could be improved, found any bug, or want to be in contact with us. ;)

Please do not leave feature requests or bug reports on the app review comments as they won't be tracked internally, consider contacting support before leaving a bad review as whether it is a dev error o some user error mistakes can be easily resolved, use the website support form or the forum to contact us.

What’s New

Version 1.6.43

-Sculpting speed with dense meshes is now 2x faster and brushes feel much smoother with heavy meshes.
-Stamps are now the same size as the brush instead of half its size.
-Added stamp filtering and automatic filter selection which results in up to 10x faster stamp sampling.
-Added back-face and face groups auto-masking options for brushes.
-Added ascii STL export format choice.
-Fixes weird stepping issue visible if attempting to use Standard brush with buildup disabled right after moving meshes.
-Fixes very rare random crash when closing color picker.
-Fixes crash in remesh when reprojecting vertex colors in non-watertight (open) meshes.
-Fixes possible issues in home/gallery when renaming/duplicating scenes.
-Small UI polish.

Ratings and Reviews

4.2 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

55773268942378931 ,

Like ZBrush Lite for my iPad!

I can’t emphasise enough how good this app is, and what incredible value you are getting here. I work in the games industry as an artist. I do a lot of work using professional 3D software like ZBrush (which costs hundreds). ZBrush has a lot of powerful features hidden away in sub-menus and such. Many of those features I’ve never needed, some I might only use once in a blue moon, there are probably even a few that I don’t know about. This app doesn’t have all of that. What it does have, however, is all the core sculpting tools that I use all of the time, and it does them really REALLY well.

It does also have a surprising number of powerful features, that I never would have expected. Layers, subdivisions, remeshing, masks, and even an add-on to do mesh painting. It’s all there, and it all runs quickly and seamlessly.

I genuinely think everyone should have this app. Whether you are just getting started with 3D, or you’re a seasoned pro. Everything you essentially need to do amazing sculpts is here, and with the convenience of iPad+Apple Pencil, it means you are free to work on your projects any time anywhere, on the train, in bed etc...

Even for people who have absolutely no pre-existing interest in 3D sculpting... this app is such a bargain, and so easy to use… just download it and have a play around, you might discover a talent you never knew you had!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Jgbdhbjhf jlgbbk ,

Awesome app most of the time.

Forger is definitely the best sculpting app on iOS. I am really surprised how powerful it is. I knew it wouldn’t be able to rival zbrush or mud ox etc, but...After trying it out on a friend’s iPad,
I literally bought an iPad to be able to sculpt in forger on the road/sofa.
Basically it’s awesome but, and the creator has done a great job so far...
Here’s a breakdown of my findings..

Mostly Intuitive workflow
Memory efficient
Basic but Good sculpting tools
Good sharing and file backup functionality
Viewport is great
Awesome remeshing and symmetry tools
Customisable brushes
Custom alpha importing

- UI’s can feel different for different people but I feel like there could be some UI improvements (some of the tools and actions are somewhat hidden and sometimes in wrong menus.)
- The gizmo and transform tools are a bit unstable and can cause errors
- Importing meshes not made in forger can be problematic.
- More video tutorials could be made available.
- In my experience, quality of support is great, but you can be waiting a few days to a week for an answer.

All in all,
It’s well worth the money!

Kozmojo ,

Best 3D Sculpting App in the App Store

I am a relatively new user to Forger, but have been sculpting digitally for quite a few months now, on ZBrush, and can make almost anything I can imagine. (My 3D modelling knowledge regarding hard surface modelling goes back multiple years, however).

This app has a huge range of features, from brushes to alphas, and option menus to masking.

This app is being updated very frequently with quality of life improvements (symmetry button easily accessible), as well as possible optimisations being made behind the door (judging by how well it runs).

Can’t really say anything bad about this app.. Please continue to update it, and optimise it further.. Very happy with my purchase!

Only thing I can suggest is to make an option to make masking and smoothing toggles, with a ‘hold the mask button’ to offer a drop down menu for the masking options found within the options menu bar for ease of access to invert mask, or clear et c.

5/5, from a ZBrush user and 9.7” iPad Pro user.


Javier Edo Meseguer
27.8 MB

Requires iOS 12.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



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