Hue Lights offers full feature support for all of your smart lighting needs: Precise control, multi-room scenes, schedules, sequences, dynamic lighting, and special effects. Create advanced configurations for your Hue motion sensor, Hue dimmer switch or Hue Tap. Check out our sample videos and FAQ at

Teach your lights new tricks with Hue Lights! Completely customize each button on your Hue dimmer switch or Hue Tap. Control 8 scenes from a single Hue dimmer switch, change brightness speeds, or select groups based on duration of button press. Hue Lights leverages the latest firmware to store scene details directly on the bridge. You can view and edit shared scenes from any device on your network. The UI offers improved visual feedback and easier on/off/brightness controls directly from the home screen.

Try the sequences feature to see amazing possibilities at your fingertips. Use your Apple Watch to activate scenes, adjust group brightness and trigger alerts. Escape to the beach with soothing ocean, lake, or creek sounds while your lights gently change and dim (Water In-App purchase). Experience amazing thunderstorms (In-App purchase) with customized controls for lightning strikes, rain density, bird songs, wind speed, sleep timer, brightness and sky color! Simulate realistic fires (In-App purchase) with dedicated controls for fire type, fire size, flare-ups and brightness.

If you have any problems with previous In-App purchases, tap "Restore." Please see the comprehensive FAQ and documentation at for App help. The free version allows control of lights 1 and 2. In-App purchases can unlock all lights and special effects.

Hue Lights brings you fast widget support, shared scenes and groups, comprehensive scheduling, sequences and powerful light controls. Create multiple "On" and "Off" schedules per scene. Tap a row to select a light, group, or scene. Use quick controls at the bottom of the screen. Long press a row for quick actions (on, choose color, edit, off).

Save scenes from any third-party app and use Hue Lights to activate these on your Apple Watch or widget. Dynamically animate or schedule any scene from third-party apps.

All screens are optimized for your favorite iOS devices in portrait and landscape mode.

Hue Lights works well with any third-party app that saves scenes or schedules on the bridge. Do you have a favorite scene from another app that you use frequently? With Hue Lights you can turn this scene on or off with one tap! Hue Lights will show every schedule saved on your bridge from any app and give you the option to disable or remove unwanted schedules.

- Remote control
- Hue motion sensor support
- Hue dimmer switch/Hue Tap support
- Sunrise/sunset actions
- View/edit scenes and schedules on bridge
- View/delete rules and sensors
- See exact watts used on supported lights
- 3D Touch on app icon
- TouchLink for finding lost bulbs
- Sequences
- Apple Watch support
- Fast Widget for scene and group activation
- Alerts and brightness changes from Widget
- Apply 11 dynamic animations to any scene
- Apply scene themes to any group
- Supports multiple ZigBee lights including GE Link
- Multiple On+Off bridge schedules per scene
- Tap bulb image to apply a favorite color
- Localized VoiceOver support
- Heuristics for working around common errors
- Create transition times up to 90 minutes
- Designed to work well with 50+ light deployments

Experience multi-track, synchronized and visually appealing light animations and sequences.

Requires "Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Set" to operate.

"Hue Personal Wireless Lighting" is a trademark owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., see for more information. LapApps, LLC is in no way affiliated with the Philips organization.

Follow @HueLights on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest news and updates. See for more documentation and supported hardware.

What’s New

Version 3.4

Hue outdoor motion sensor support is here! Create multiple time intervals. Turn on or off any of your lights when motion is detected. Activate scenes or groups for both motion and non-motion events. Use multiple motion sensors to create follow-me light sequences.

Hue Lights also exposes the hidden temperature sensor within each motion sensor. Turn some of your lights blue when it is too cold. Turn lights red when it is too hot. Add flashing alerts to temperature thresholds.

Special configuration options are available for the light level threshold. Turn lights on or off using only light level triggers.

New Features:
• Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor support
• View and edit schedules from any source
• AirPlay option added to all effects that use audio
• Effects, sequences and animations keep running when using music apps
• Fixed synchronization issues when editing scenes and groups
• Added support for drifting bridge values
• Created new URL scheme for sensor control: huelights://sensors
• Shortened VoiceOver text
• Updated language translations
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

There are still many pending features that require more development time. If your request is not in this release, please be patient.

Please send suggestions, questions or feedback to the support contact at If you are stuck on a particular issue, please check our FAQ at for help.

Follow @HueLights on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

Ratings and Reviews

1.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

kenninuk ,

About to give up on this App

The previous version of this app was brilliant. It was largely intuitive and provided detailed features. The current version is really confusing and not at all easy to understand. I think this is change for change sake. It wasn’t broken before but it is now. Money wasted. Time to delete me thinks.

Developer Response ,

The app is regularly updated with new features and interface changes based on user feedback. There will be more updates coming soon in Hue Lights v3.1. Comprehensive documentation is available on the app's FAQ page:

When the app first starts it is showing your first few scenes, lights, and groups. You can expand these lists by tapping the See All button in each section. Tap a scene to quickly activate it. Hold a row for half a second to open a pop-up menu. This gives you more control options. Each time you tap a light or group, the app toggles the light or group. You can also tap the Edit button to open a detailed edit screen. Scroll down to see effects and settings.

Each scene is classified as Local or Shared. Local scenes are stored only on your device. When you start the app for the first time all of your scenes are local. Shared scenes are stored on the bridge. You can share any local scene by tapping Edit and then Share on bridge. If you share a scene on the bridge, you can see it from all of your devices. It is also visible when using remote access.

If you want access to all scenes stored on your bridge, tap the shortcut button at the upper right of the Scenes screen. You can turn on or off any shared scene. You can also edit or delete shared scenes.

There is a shortcut button at the upper right of the home screen. This gives you quick access to effects, remote access, devices, and help.

Acidbottle ,

Very useful


The developer has been in contact with me to help address some issues, very helpful and appreciate that.

The official hue app was a little limited so took a punt on the paid version. For the life of me I can't use the pre loaded scenes independently from my colour bulbs and normal white bulbs. I can delete the white bulbs but this then removes access from the official app as well. There may be a way to set this up perfect but have given up trying after 45 mins. If you want hassle free I'd look elsewhere. Only app in hundreds I've bought that would like my money back 😕

Developer Response ,

If you would like to add or remove individual bulbs from any scene, you can follow these steps:

There are many features available in the free version of Hue Lights. This allows you to try out the app before spending any money. There are hundreds of third-party Hue apps, so it is not practical to buy all of them. The Hue Lights app is very popular with both paid users and free users. A lot of the configuration and logic is stored on the bridge, so you can setup quite a bit of functionality without needing to launch the app on a regular basis. Some of the automated features make living with Hue a truly amazing experience.

The free version of the app lets you control the "All Lights" system group and any existing groups that are stored on your bridge. You can also individually control lights 1 and 2. These lights can be included in scenes, groups, recurring schedules, sunrise/sunset actions, Hue motion sensor rules, Hue dimmer switch short-press and long-press button actions, and Hue Tap button configuration. Groups are stored on the bridge. You can optionally save any of your scenes on the bridge to share with other devices on your WiFi network. Groups and scenes can be controlled from the app, widget, and Apple Watch.

You can turn on/off/brighten/dim any of your lights from the "Lights" screen. Tap a light to turn it on. Once you tap the light it turns green with a check box. You will also see the light's name at the top of the screen (e.g., Selected: Garage Door). The controls at the bottom of the screen can control the selected light or group. This is where you can turn the light or group on/off/brighten/dim.

Shortcuts are available on the Lights, Scenes and Groups screens. Hold a row for 1 second and a pop-up will appear with common actions.

There are also features that use a combination of local app processing and bridge logic. You can use the "All Lights" group and any scenes with the sequences and animations features.

Touchlink is also available for free. If you need to add bulbs from a second starter kit, you may have difficulty adding these to your bridge because they are already linked to another bridge. With the Touchlink feature of Hue Lights, bulbs that are linked to another starter kit can be forced to join your bridge. This also works with many third-party bulbs including OSRAM Lightify, GE Link, Cree, and dresden elektronik. Note that OSRAM Lightify bulbs can cause problems for North American users. There is different firmware in OSRAM bulbs for Europe (ZigBee Light Link) and North America (ZigBee Home Automation). The Philips Hue bridge uses ZigBee Light Link.

You can update your firmware or choose to ignore updates. If you want to check and update your firmware, tap "Settings" and then "Bridge Information" and then "Firmware." The Bridge Information screen will give you a lot of information about your bridge and can help diagnose problems. For example, some bridge features require the Bridge Time Zone to be set. You can confirm your time zone, firmware version, ZigBee channel, IP address, and many more details. For users with large deployments pay attention to the Rules row. The latest firmware supports 200 rules. These rules are used with Hue motion sensors, Hue dimmer switches, Hue Taps, sunrise/sunset actions, and other bridge features. If you are near the limit, you will soon have difficulty adding new devices. Make sure your firmware level is at least API 1.13 for correct rule behavior.

If you've tried other apps, some of the more advanced ones may store scenes on the bridge. There are two bridge scene versions supported in the firmware. V1 scenes keep track of the scene name and light membership, but not individual light state details. V2 scenes expose every detail of a scene including individual light details for each light in a scene (e.g., hue, saturation, brightness, fade time, effect). Hue lights supports both V1 and V2 scenes. With the free version of the app you can view and activate these bridge scenes. If the scenes are stored as V2 scenes (newer firmware), you can edit scene details including individual light states.

Use the free version of the app to automatically turn the "All Lights" group on or off at sunrise/sunset. You could also use a scene created with lights 1 and 2. The sunrise/sunset actions adjust their activation time based on your GPS coordinates. These run on the bridge, so they will work even when your phone is powered off.

You can use any of the included Favorites to set all lights to a specific color and brightness. Any customized hue, saturation, brightness setting that you create can be saved as a new Favorite. These will then be available in the Lights, Groups, Scenes, and Sequences screens.

Tap the pencil icon on the right-side of lights, groups, and scenes rows to go into a detail control screen. Tap the star icon on the lights and groups rows to quickly assign a Favorite to your lights.

The free version of the app lets you view, disable, or delete any of the sensors or rules on your bridge. Removing unused rules and sensors can often allow more Hue dimmer switches, Hue Taps, and Hue motion sensors to be used with a single bridge.

You can quickly disable or enable all of your motion sensors. Tap "Settings" and then "Devices" to access this feature. This is useful in cases where you want to temporarily disable motion events without changing each time interval or disabling each motion sensor one by one.

In general, any word or image that is yellow represents an action in the app. For example, tapping "All Off" on the main screen turns all lights off.

Other World ,

Needs a tidy up

Have had this for a couple of years now and I like the functionality and scenes, but I find the app a nightmare to navigate. For reasons I cannot fathom, you can view your schedules and delete or disable them - but, if you want to edit them you have to do it in another part of the app. This seems so counter-intuitive that I don’t know what the thinking behind it was.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for providing feedback on schedule functionality. When a scene is scheduled the light colors, brightness, fade time, etc., are stored partially on the bridge and partially on the actual bulbs. In earlier firmware versions it was not possible to read the scene details from the bridge, so the app always recreated scenes from the scene detail page. The Settings => Schedules page shows schedules from any source that are used for any purpose, not just scene activation. The app is regularly updated with user feedback, so your comments will help with future developments. There is also a FAQ at that may be helpful.


LapApps, LLC
61 MB

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Age Rating
Rated 4+
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  2. Unlock 100 Scenes Free
  3. Thunderstorm £2.99


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