iNVESTaCALC is an easy to use yet comprehensive investment and savings calculator, or just use it to plan and manage large purchases

iNVESTaCALC has four analysis windows, and one mortgage calculator, each with their own App Help Notes window, together with a number of Worked Examples windows.

1. The Analysis (1) default window gives you a comprehensive insight to the scheme's performance and total fees applied, together with a graph of the Final Capital over time and if desired plots of the impact of ± change to the annual interest rate on the Final Capital. Warning panes will guide you through the data entry if you have a problem.

2. The Analysis (2) Goal-Seek window, accessed from the Analysis (1) window or the App tool bar Window drop-down menu, is similar to the Analysis (1) window but has the added capability of a Goal-Seek section where you can enter the required Final Capital and calculate the Initial Capital, Savings, % Return on Investment, % Yearly Fees, and Cash Fee on Capital needed to achieve it.

If the Goal-Seek function is activated the output analysis can be viewed in 3 different graphs, by clicking on 'Choose Graph' button, giving a simple and clear insight to the possible options to meet your future needs. You can also simply obtain the value from any point along the graph in the Plot Output data panel of the window.

3. The Analysis (3) Term-Seek window allows you to easily see the possible large differences in the time needed to achieve a given Capital under different Investment returns, and fees.

4. The Cash Flow window, used in conjunction with Analysis(1) & (2), provides a clear view of the relationship between total income streams and investment performance.  
5. The Mortgage Calculator is an easy to use calculator for a Repayment Mortgage and Interest Only Mortgage, enabling you to quickly see the likely payments needed for a given mortgage, deposit, interest rate, and term. You can set an initial fixed interest rate, over an initial period followed by a variable rate over the remainder of the term. You can also easily see the impact of changing the monthly payments on the mortgage term.

6. The App Help Notes, accessed from each Analysis window or the App tool bar Window drop-down menu, provides an easy to follow description and advice on how to use the App.

7. Worked Examples accessed from the App tool bar Worked Examples drop-down menu take you through the data entry and results of different scenarios to help you quickly realise how easy it is to use and the flexibility the App offers.

8. The input and output data from either window can be saved to your hard drive or iCloud Drive using a standard 'Save As' panel by clicking on 'Save As' located at the top right of each Analysis window. or printed by clicking on the 'Print' button.

9. It is easy to print out your data by clicking on the 'Print Data' button at the top right of each window, a standard Print Drop Down menu will appear. The Print Drop Down menu allows you to either print the data, or email, or text, or save the data to file in PDF format as needed.

10. You can add a note to each output page, either saved or printed, for future reference.

11. You can save the input data on any analysis window to your device, and load input data from previous analysis saving time and effort.

iNVESTaCALC is easy to use and gives you the flexibility and insight to make better choices, and fine tune your investment strategy.

What’s New

Version 64

1. Clear Input Data button now available on Analysis windows 1 to 4. This allows the user to clear all the input data (including lump sums), output data and plot, increasing the user efficiency and improving the customer experience. The user can then either type in new input data, or upload saved input data as appropriate.
2. Clear Data button now available in each Lump Sum window for Lump Sum Savings and Lump Sum Withdrawals.
3. Help Notes updated to reflect the changes.
4. Corrected issue with A3 Lump Sum window button 'Accept LumpSum Saving Data' for non-UK users

Ratings and Reviews

CandyflossGoth ,

Great app for looking at investment possibilities

This app is great and does what it says on the tin. It is simple to use, prompting you if you forget to add in any of the necessary information. It enables you to look into different investment schemes and the possible outcomes over a period of time with different factors such as interest rates and fees being taken into consideration. I would say that this app is useful for people of any level, whether it is those looking to invest as a bit of a beginner or those who work with investments professionally who want a reasonably priced bit of software to help them easily look at different schemes.

Ironmatewife ,

Love the transparency of this calculator!!

In a world of murky finance where the method of calculations is difficult to decipher , this amazing calculator provides the user with true transparency. In my business , I use it to calculate the value of investments. I am able to input charges, growth, drawings , term and see how each effects the final result. The Goal seek facility is great as it enables you to calculate how different variables in charges, growth effect the final capital value of a given capital figure at outset. The ability to see the fees & no fees figures provides accurate impartiality. Very clever , exceptionally useful.

arokis ,


I’m an Independent Financial Adviser and I use iNVESTaCALC extensively in my business to analyse the impact of different charging structures on investments, savings and withdrawals.

It’s also a cool tool to use for working out "what if’s” scenarios. The goal seek is great for measuring cash flow tolerances and really helpful to illustrate important concepts to clients, especially for people in drawdown. -A real asset to my business.


Edmund Sikora
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