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The plus in safety

You want to know what your flat or house is doing right now - with the MOBILE ALERTS home monitoring system you can easily find out about its condition:

- Are all windows and doors closed?
- Is the freezer cold enough?
- Can I leave the washing machine running unattended?
- Has the power failed?

All these questions will be answered in the future by the MOBILE ALERTS home monitoring system in this practical app in combination with various wireless sensors for your home. All you need to operate this app is the necessary hardware, consisting of the gateway and at least one sensor of your choice (e.g. MOBILE ALERTS Starterkit MA 10001 Set) and an internet connection.

Via the Internet connection and the gateway, the MOBILE ALERTS app enables you to call up all the information from your home on your smartphone anywhere in the world. The sensors permanently monitor the current data and report malfunctions automatically and immediately via push notification to your smartphone, whereby greater damage can be avoided by targeted action.

The simple installation enables every user to monitor the house at any time in just 5 steps:
Once you have downloaded the permanently free MOBILE ALERTS app from the Appstore, it is immediately ready for use after installation thanks to Plug&Play.
A personal registration is not necessary.
Now connect the gateway to the power supply unit and your router.
Then insert batteries in the selected wireless sensors.
Open the app, scan in the codes of the wireless sensors and you can access all the recorded data with your smartphone and check the current status of your home - anytime, anywhere.
The whole process is completed within 2 minutes at the latest.

The app's self-explanatory, graphical user interface is intuitive to use and can be individually adapted to your needs. Define an individual name for each wireless sensor and set up specific alarm limits yourself. If these alarm limits are exceeded, the wireless sensors immediately report the fault to your smartphone and thus offer you the PLUS in security.

The MOBILE ALERTS system can be expanded with many other wireless sensors as required. In addition to temperature monitoring, these provide additional data on air humidity, water temperature, leaking water, information on open and closed windows or doors and much more.

The MOBILE ALERTS system can be used with many other IoT systems via the Conrad Connect IoT platform. In addition, there is support for the common language assistants.

We are continuously working on the range of our sensors. Further information, an overview of all available sensors and an additional video for installation can be found in your app under INFO or at

Що нового

Версія 1.52

Minor bug fixes and adjustments

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3,0 з 5
Оцінок: 8

Оцінок: 8

Richy1963 ,

Good but needs enhancement

The app works well and it’s nice and simple. However showing sensor history as a list is a disappointment, graphs were designed for this very purpose and should be a must have. I’m also a bit concerned that there seems to be absolutely no authentication for access to the sensor data, if you can scan the device you have access. Certainly limits the usage to sensors that have no value. I look forward to some updates.

Startled21 ,


This App would be greatly improved if it showed the actual time of day at the top of the screen, then it would be possible to compare the actual time with the latest sensor update time. Many other Apps show the clock at the top of the screen, so why doesn’t this App. At the moment to find out the actual time of day, you have to close the app to see the clock on your mobile device (iPod, iPhone etc). Please improve the Mobile-Alerts App. Thanks.

docusss ,

Needs a 'no data' alert

I use this to remotely check a fridge and a frost alert for the building. If there is a power failure you don't get an alert until power is restored. This really needs an alert if no data is received from the sensors for a (configurable) period.

Приватність програми

Розробник (DATA INFORMATION SERVICES GmbH) зазначив, що до процедур забезпечення приватності програми може входити обробка даних, як це описано нижче. Докладніші відомості наведено на сторінці політики приватності розробника.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Identifiers

Процедури роботи з конфіденційною інформацією можуть відрізнятися з урахуванням, наприклад, вашого віку або функцій, якими ви користуєтеся. Докладніше

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