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Panzer Corps has been hailed as the “the spiritual successor to the Panzer General series”. This award-winning turn-based strategy has been called by the press “…nothing short of brilliant” with high rankings and praises around the world. Brought to fruition by a team of experts and a community of hundreds of fan, Panzer Corps Wehrmacht has evolved into the ultimate strategy classic that will find a home on any wargamer’s shelf!

What the Press is saying:
* Pocket Tactics 5/5 "Panzer Corps for the iPad is damn near perfect"
* Pocket Gamer 80% "the most challenging and engrossing strategy experiences available on the iPad"
* Digitally Downloaded 90% "Panzer Corps is the perfect way to round out the year for armchair generals with iPads"
* Gamespot 80% - "Panzer Corps is a great turn-based strategic wargame that captures Panzer General's deep and involving classic gameplay."
* CPUGamer 90% - "Panzer Corps beats the pants off the competition."
* PC Games 85 - "Gameplay is just great and offers great tactical and strategical variety."

Game Details

Set in World War II, Panzer Corps Wehrmacht puts players in the general’s tent in charge of the Axis armies, across 26 scenarios in one large campaign tree, carrying core forces through the war. This core force can gain experience and upgrade to new weaponry as it becomes available. With over 800 unit types, divided into 19 unit classes there is a huge amount to explore. Make use of your units strengths and your enemies weaknesses and seize victory.

Panzer Corps Wehrmacht replicates a classic wargame and upgrades it to 21st century standards for a new generation of wargamers, now also on your iPad!

Developed by Flashback Games Studio & The Lordz Games Studio and published by Slitherine, Panzer Corps is the ultimate wargaming experience.

At release will be also available all the 10 Grand Campaigns, Afrika Korps and Allied Corps as In-App Purchases!

The game is absolutely huge:

- 800 unit types, divided into 19 unit classes with 20 detailed parameters to identify units abilities, 17 terrain types affecting gameplay in various way.

- Base game includes a campaign with 26 scenarios combined into a large campaign tree with several entry points at various stages of the war. Depending on the outcome of each battle (decisive victory, marginal victory or defeat), the player will be faced with different challenges and progress along different parts of the campaign tree;

- Nations: all major and many minor nations are represented: Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Great Britain, USA, USSR, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Albania, Romania, Greece and more.

- Core units that travel with you throughout the campaign gaining experience and that can be upgraded as new weapon technologies become available. Units gain awards and heroes as they distinguish themselves.

- Hundreds of additional scenarios and expansions available as In App Purchases so the fun never ends! Includes the 10 Grand Campaign's, Grand Campaign Mega Pack, Allied Corps and Afrika Korps expansions!

- Cross platform asynchronous multiplayer using our PBEM++ server. The system even allows you to switch between PC and iPad so you can continue your games on different devices.

Visit www.panzer-corps.com for more information

What’s New

Version 1.30

- Special abilities shown in Purchase, Unit Details and New Equipment Available screens.
- Switch type is shown in a popup when "switch" special ability is clicked.
- Extended predictions when planning unit movement.
- Soft Cap tooltip added to old prestige tooltip.
- Added new Gold package to the Shop. Classic package can still be redeemed but can no longer be purchased

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Ogarsi ,


Loved the PC game this was based on many years ago. This version does not disappoint, one of the very best turn based strategy games around. May be a bit slow and deep for some as you have to think a bit but it’s very easy to pick up.
If you like strategy games, this is a must.

Gary bap ,

Panzer Corps

Love it, I used to play PG and AG no end on my old PC, this is even better and it fits on the IPad! Bought 3 titles from Slitherine now, all great playing games, I will look out for their name in future.

Come on guys give us some more scenarios!!! I'll pay whatever you want!

Qwzcefgfderfdfd ,

Brilliant conversion from PC

This is a traditional hex map, turn-based wargame based on the old Panzer General series. For those that don’t know this is a style of game based on old board war games where you move units around a map as a military commander. It’s a direct conversion of the Panzer Corps PC game - and a brilliant conversion with nothing missing as far as I can see.

For those that don’t know ‘turn based’ means it’s not live and you move all your army units at your leisure until you have no moves left - then the computer opponent makes it moves. Each side taking a turn to move all their units throughout the battles until the turn limits are reached. So you can put it down and pick it up whenever you like. Perfect for iPad playing.

The game is pretty easy on the surface to start playing but surprisingly deep under the hood. For example terrain, supply, weather, unit cohesion, supporting units, experience, etc, all play a major part in how your combat plays out in attack or defence. The goal being mostly to reach certain victory areas (usually cities) on the map and ‘kick out’ or destroy the enemy units.

That’s the basic concept is easy in the beginning, but the damage you take at the start of the war will start to mount unless fight with more and more efficiency. To do this you need to use every advantage you can get and make sure you have supporting artillery, supporting units, and don’t wander into enemy units and have costly unexpected encounters. You want to catch the enemy infantry in the open with your armour, catch the enemy armour with your tactical bombers, avoid getting artillery getting attacked whilst being transported, and leave your units sitting in favourable terrain with artillery support if possible.

That’s where reading the manual and understanding deeper concepts come in. This is considered an easier ‘war game’ of this type - but there is still a bit of reading of the manual and in-game stats to be done to understand how to maximise your chances of survival.

For example infantry units can ‘dig in’ to terrain to harden their defensive capability. Different terrain types help certain units, and give them bonuses compared to other. So you need to plan to move through the landscape so that you fight on favourable ground. You can only see so far ahead with normal units but reconnaissance units see farther, until weather reduces visibility even for them.

Your core army forces are carried with you from battle to battle so that they gain awards, and massive experience over time, and therefore become amazingly valuable ‘crack’ units. They can also gain special abilities through elite officers within their ranks. So for example my 10th Panzer might have a defensive expert within it’s rank that ‘hardens’ the unit if attacked. This will be the unit I leave in the most exposed position when advancing forward. However the first unit I will attack with will be 7th Panzer with it’s officer who brings both initiative and attack expertise to make this a deadly unit.

These units become part of the narrative of the game and you kind of get attached to these pixel Nazis over many battles - so it feels like disaster when you lose them through stupidity or bad luck.

You have a currency in the game called prestige. This total goes up with victory and you are awarded a certain amount per turn. It represents your resources and ability to get resources and replacements, and equipment from high command. With this total you can purchase or requisition new units, replace losses, upgrade units to better equipment, etc.

The beauty of the game being the fine balance in deciding what to upgrade, and the building of that core force as you go from battle to battle. There is a narrative aspect to that side of the game that is one of it’s strengths.

If you liked Panzer General or want Panzer Corps on iPad then you won’t regret this. It’s a brilliantly made conversion that controls and displays superbly on the IPad. To be honest I see no reason that I would start playing this again on PC - with this version being so well done.


Slitherine Software UK Ltd.
1.5 GB

Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.



Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
© 2013 Slitherine Ltd
In-App Purchases
  1. Panzer Corps - Soviet Corps £14.99
  2. Panzer Corps - Give Me Everything! £54.99
  3. Panzer Corps - Sea Lion £9.99


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