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Few things bring people together as an adventure does! The mission of our platform is to give every person an opportunity to create their own adventure and invite fellow daredevils along for the ride. In Quests, you’ll always find a crew of like-minded thrill seekers, board game enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, volunteers, cinema-goers, quest addicts, travelers, animal saviors, tech wizards— and all kinds of people who are excited to make new acquaintances and share an adventure together.

Be the first to know what’s happening in your city:

Place a pin on the map, add a description, and attract fellow enthusiasts to your activity or event
Easily find new ideas and ways to spend your time
Chat with members of your event and other fellow questers
Share your plans for the future in your profile
Inspire your friends by living an active lifestyle to be envious of

Enter your location, and find all the real-life events happening in your area right now.

Got ideas? Now’s the chance to create your own adventure!

Що нового

Версія 5.0.25

- Major bug fixes
- Performance improvement
- Template creation
- Add to favorites
- Add tags to quest
- Upgraded quests creation
- Upload video as quest background
- New feed algorithm
- Major branding update
- Join by request upgrade
- Moved tooltip from map to feed
- Permissions upgrade

Оцінки та відгуки

5,0 з 5
Оцінок: 2

Оцінок: 2

Приватність програми

Розробник (Quests Inc.) зазначив, що до процедур забезпечення приватності програми може входити обробка даних, як це описано нижче. Докладніші відомості наведено на сторінці політики приватності розробника.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Процедури роботи з конфіденційною інформацією можуть відрізнятися з урахуванням, наприклад, вашого віку або функцій, якими ви користуєтеся. Докладніше

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