Check the price at over 60,000 retailers instantly, so you get the best deal every time!

Works automatically when you visit product pages at any retailer.

Know every retailer's price before choosing which to buy from.

Prices and availability are checked automatically, in real time.

Important details like arrival date and estimated shipping cost are also shown, compare it all!

Coupon codes and deals are shown as well, so you can save *even more* on top of already finding the cheapest price!

Enter a postal code in Options to see prices at nearby "brick and mortar" stores, including if they have the item in stock right now.

Help us keep ShopSavvy working at all your favorite retailers! Send any pages that don't work as expected to us at

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For over 12 years ShopSavvy has helped over 30 million people save money using their mobile devices.

Now, we've brought our years of price comparison experience to the browser.

When you visit a product page, ShopSavvy searches over 60,000 retailers (both online and nearby "brick and mortar") in real time for details like price and availability, then shows them all to you in a sidebar.


"On behalf of the whole ShopSavvy team, we’d like to thank you for considering our extension!
We’re working hard everyday to make shopping easier, less stressful, and most importantly, fair for everyone."

- ShopSavvy Founders (Rylan, John, & Jake)

Ratings and Reviews

Popcorn lover 123 ,


I would say that it is ok but it isn't the bet probably because it is a free app but it still does lots o different thin I have three reasons for why I do like it and three reasons why I'm not as keen on it:
•1 - I like it because sometimes gets the exact thing correct

•2 - I also quite like it because you can search things and it will really easily pick it up

•3 - the thing I really like about it is that it always comes up with the correct price and you most of the time don't have to fill on all of the information except from the barcode

•1 - the main thing I don't like about it is the name of the app because shop savvy when I first heard it made me feel like I was a shop savvy

•2 - also another thing that quite annoys me is that sometimes it doesn't read the barcode and they are really easy!!

•3 - last but not least what really annoy me the most is that it always takes forever to register what barcode it is for but some of the really hard ones it recognises a lot faster!!!

I do realise that it will e holding a lot of data but it can be very dumb!!!

Back on the positive side it is a very good app for checking online prices for something!!


Kivell123 ,

Absolutely rubbish

Scanned several items as a test. Only found 1, higher end coffee (i like my coffee). I buy the coffee in supermarkets for £3-£4, the app listed it for $32.

Its completely useless.

Paulne00 ,

Another useless app

Basic items not found


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macOS 10.15 or later. Requires iOS 13.0 and watchOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



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