A swing trainer for all golfers.

Accurate and easy to use, SkyPro finds swing faults and helps you fix them. Explore your swing with the help of SkyPro's 3D interactive checkpoints. Compare it to your favorite swings and find out what went wrong. Groove your swing and make practice perfect by using SkyPro's practice drills.

A SkyPro device is required to capture your swing and unlock the full functionality of the app.

Even without a SkyPro, you can analyze and compare any shared swing. We invite you to take a peek at the few swings included with the app.

SkyPro is available for order at

What’s New

Version 2.2.2

Update 2.2.2: bug fixes & stability

Update 2.2.1:

Groove has a new scoring system that now rewards you on both accuracy and consistency! How high of a score can you get?

The purpose of Diagnose Mode is to make it easier for new users to diagnose potential issues with their swing. It uses SkyPro’s existing alert system, but presents the information more directly.

After swinging, the user is walked through their alerts one-by-one. Most alerts are shown with a new 3D Checkpoint Alert Meter, which gives a visual indication of potential swing issues.  A description is also available for each alert and, where possible, a video by Michael Breed. After learning about the alert, a button tap will take you straight to a relevant groove session.

Being able to properly manage groups of swings hasn't always been easy in SkyPro, so we created a new, fully-functional system for organizing them!  By introducing custom folders, improved search, and filtering, you are now able to organize your swing library with efficiency and ease.

The main list of swings can be searched and filtered by scrolling to the top of the library. The search input is interpreted intelligently. For example, if you search for “irons”, SkyPro will return all swings taken with an iron.

Another major addition: folders for swings. These allow swings to be grouped according to the your preference. This is especially useful for instructors, since they can now keep their students’ swings separate. Folders can be created and managed by tapping the folder icon in the navigation bar.

A major theme of this update was to make it easier to find issues in swings.  The new Checkpoint Alert Meter is a part of that goal.  It provides a graphical, 3D representation of an alert.

An alert is supposed to represent a parameter that is outside of a “typical range” of values.  It does not tell you that the parameter is incorrect, merely that it is unusual. Previously, this was reported using text alone, which made it harder to visualize.  The new Checkpoint Alert Meter is meant to provide a more visual and intuitive understanding of the alert. This is done by overlaying a bar in 3D, with green inside the "typical values" range, and orange outside.

SkyPro has now been updated to adapt to the screen size of the device on which it’s running. This results in better looks and improved usability.

This update includes a whole multitude of other fixes and small feature updates! We hope you enjoy.

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Eric-Barry ,

Skypro App

Skypro was very quick to sort the problem with the update. Now works very well.

Hopefullyobjectivr ,

What a shame

I had high hopes but for me at least, it lacks some important metrics and explanations. The most serious omission is the measurement of face angle at impact which for slicers, hookers or those trying to shape their shots is a very big deal. It offers face angle at several other swing points so its omission is something of a mystery. I understand that at address some people may not have their club face square to target but returning it to the address position is the only realistic way of measuring a straight shot. If users understand that the face position at impact is measured relative to face position at address they should then be able to choose whether they want to execute a draw, a straight shot or a fade. Also, I can't understand why there isn't more of a user manual, it can't be that hard to devise. The individual explanations of the relevance of the various positions in the 'groove' section are generally too limited and offer no proper advice on what we should be aiming for and why. Incomprehensibly there are only two 'pro swing' data entries and one of them is incomplete! There is no guidance on which 'groove' options to focus on to correct an 'over the top' swing path which is probably the most common fault in golf. There are some useful things such as the 3D view of your swing and shaft lean and angle at impact so it definitely has some use and therefore it's not all bad but it could be so much better for very little effort.

T'Pau (884884) ,

Fantastic bit of kit

I’ve recently bought a SkyPro device and all I can say is…. it’s amazing and well worth a five star review.

It’s expensive, but the technology works. I’ve used launch monitors and video analysis in the past and the data provided by the SkyPro is equal to that provided by either of these. The swing analysis part works really well for viewing your swing from any angle, but the ‘Plane’ and ‘Groove’ features are even better. These are great for those that are serious about improving their golf game.

My only gripe is with the ‘Demo’ swings that come pre-loaded with the App. These are not pro golfer swings and as such, are of no use at all. It would be far better if SkyGolf used one or more of their SkyCaddie sponsored tour pros to record their swings with a SkyPro and update these within the App. Using the ‘Compare’ feature, you could then overlay your favourite swings with those of a tour pro and benefit from seeing the data for both. This would add so much more to the App.

SkyGolf – Please look to include this in a future update.


SkyGolf, LLC
96.7 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



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