Take full control over your bookmarks!

Spillo is a powerful, magnificent and amazingly fast bookmarking client for MacOS that syncs with Pinboard. Spillo lets you browse and organize your bookmarks in a stunning modern interface. Spillo also makes searching and creating bookmarks from anywhere on your Mac as convenient as possible.

• A beautiful interface
Spillo has a beautiful modern interface that feels just right at home on your Mac. Spillo uses all the latest technologies that you would expect from a modern OS X application.

• Browser integration to make bookmarking simpler
Spillo comes with a Yosemite Sharing Extension and browser extensions that make bookmarking from any page trivial. The bookmark creation window will be pre-populated based on the content of the current page. Browser extensions are available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

• Access your bookmarks from anywhere on your Mac
Spillo’s search is ubiquitous. Wherever you are on your Mac, just hit the global keyboard shortcut and a friendly search box will show up. Spillo also has support for running in the background so no need to keep the app open to access your bookmarks.

• Multi-account support
Spillo supports multiple accounts. Whether you’re a long-time Pinboard user with thousands of bookmarks or someone that just wants to store a few bookmarks locally, Spillo has your back. Note that you don’t need a Pinboard account if you choose to store your bookmarks locally.

• Easily organize your bookmarks
Spillo allows you to create powerful collections by specifying a number of rules. Don’t limit yourself to Pinboard’s default organization and create collections that just match your needs.

• Quickly create a bookmark from anywhere on your Mac
Spillo’s bookmark creation window can be brought up from anywhere on your Mac. Use the (optional) menu item or global shortcut to bring up. The bookmark fields will also be pre-populated based on the content of the current tab in your browser.

• Automatic broken links detection
Spillo automatically finds broken links among your bookmarks so that you can edit them or clean them up. Don’t let your bookmarks become stale!

• Readability view for a better reading experience
Spillo’s bookmark view has a Readability mode that cleans up cluttered pages and makes reading on the web a stress-free experience.

• Mini mode for focused bookmark browsing and editing
Spillo supports a mini mode that hides the content web page and lets you focus on your bookmarks so that you can quickly edit them without any distraction.

• Share to a multitude of services
Spillo supports sharing your bookmarks to a multitude of services such as Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter and Facebook. Should you be annoyed by some services, you can easily disable them in the Preferences.

• Create powerful global searches
Spillo also allows you to create and save public global searches based on a username and a number of tags. You can keep recurrent searches right in your sidebar.

• Spillo is super fast!
Spillo’s edge is its speed and responsiveness. Don’t wait on a slow network to process your data, Spillo caches it and syncs whenever it’s more convenient.

• All the shortcuts you would expect
Spillo has a multitude of shortcuts that make browsing, organizing and editing your bookmarks so much quicker.

• AppleScript support
Spillo has full AppleScript support for browsing, creating and updating bookmarks so it’s easily extendable. Want to create an Alfred workflow to create a new bookmark in Spillo? You can do it with a couple of lines of AppleScript.

• Create your own Sharing Service plugins
Spillo has an open plugin architecture that lets you extend the built-in sharing capabilities by building your own Sharing Services. Building a plugin is really easy, just download the small SDK and start building!

What’s New

Version 2.0

This is a major new version of Spillo and it requires Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite or later.

New features
• Local bookmarks: Spillo no longer requires you to have a Pinboard account, just create a local account to store your bookmarks locally on your machine
• Multiple accounts: you can now use multiple Pinboard (or local) accounts on the same machine. Switching account is also super easy
• Background mode: you can now decide to run Spillo in the background. The main UI and Dock icon will not be visible but you will still be able to search and create bookmarks (either via keyboard shortcuts or by using the menu icon)
• Global search: search your bookmarks from anywhere by bringing the new global search box, even when Spillo is in the background
• Dynamic bookmark description height: if you choose to show the bookmark description in the list, the cell will automatically resize if the bookmark doesn’t have a description
• New popover to select suggested tags: when creating or editing a bookmark, suggested tags are now presented in a popover that lets you select multiple tags at once

Ratings and Reviews

3.2 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Stephen Minton ,

Nice design, still a bit buggy, needs some work

Early 2017 review/rant: I love the app design and functionality, it’s exactly what I need. But I’m tiring of the fact that each update introduces new bugs and problems, crashes and hangs, problems and frustrations. Email to Support regarding one issue was not answered. I’m pretty much at the point of abandoning it now, which is a shame.

Update, October 2017: Spillo is currently more stable, but still not bug-free. For example, the top of each web page is chopped off after I restart the app, until I resize the window; and the app is regularly telling me that web pages are “dead links”, meaning I have to constantly mark them as “live” (only for them to be marked as “dead” again when I reopen the app next time). These are little things, though, rather than the frequent crashing which was happening at the beginning of the year.

I rate the current version as 3 stars: usable and functional, but doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of development, emails to Support go unanswered, and it's stil a wee bitl buggy. It lacks polish, features and a little bit of love, but it’s still probably still the best Mac app for managing Pinboard bookmarks (and the Pinboard web interface is rubbish).

Is it really worth £15? Not yet, but it could be, with a little work on bugs and some new features. I’d like to see iCloud sync as an option alongside Pinboard (not a replacement, but an alternative/backup), a better Reader mode (Readability doesn’t work most of the time), and most of all the ability to mark pages for downloadings and saving offline in case the web page content disappears (like “Keep”, but using iCloud instead of Dropbox).

zennington ,

The best Pinboard app, sadly abandoned

It hasn't been updated for so long. Incompatible with Mojave dark mode, odd little visual bugs appearing, Safari extension issues. Still, I use it on a daily basis, it still works, for now, and there's no decent alternative. Really hoping for an update, wouldn't recommend buying until then.

gryphonent ,

Incompatible with Mojave

No update since version 2.0 over a year ago. No replies to bug reports sent to the developer. Sadly, Spillo is not in active development anymore, or so it seems, and incompatible with Mojave and Safari.


Damien Deville
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OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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