Total Car Check Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
31.4K Ratings

31.4K Ratings

LollipopStorm7000 ,

TotalCarCheck app - I love it!

I love the TotalCarCheck app. I only discovered the app by accident, after I had unknowingly bought a car with lots of “bad hidden history”. However, through the use of in-app purchases, I was able to buy 3*FULL CAR HISTORY CHECKS at a specially reduced price ( K/A GOLD “CAR” CHECKS) and use the FULL CAR HISTORY CHECK as part of my evidence to get a FULL REFUND of the monies I had paid for the “unreliable car” I had purchased. I was then able to ALSO use a GOLD “CAR” CHECK to check out the History of the next vehicle I subsequently bought. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The cost of the FULL HISTORY CAR CHECKS is NOTHING compared to the emotional heartache and also financial headache that could be caused by buying a car WITH a “Bad Hidden History”! Thanks for reading.

elliottsparky_ ,

Extremely hard to use on iPhone XS Max

When you’re able to input a plate, the app provides a lot of detailed information which is very good - no complaints here.

However, the app has not been optimised for iPhone XS Max and when trying to tap on the plate input field you have to tap a certain tiny spot in order to bring up the keyboard - it’s extremely frustrating and doesn’t even work at times which makes the app almost unusable until this is fixed.

I had the same issue registering for an account within the app - the information fields you have to fill with your details suffer from this same tiny spot issue making it very hard to sign up without using the directional arrows to change field.

Once the app is optimised I would bump this review up to five stars as the app provides lots of great information, it’s just getting to that information is near impossible in its current state on my device.

Camhax7134 ,

Best Car Checker App By Miles.

I’ve been using this for over 3 years and can honestly say in all that time I’ve had zero issues with the app. It’s the only free, no nonsense car checker app, and I love it for that. I use it quite a lot and it tells you a huge range of facts about a vehicle with the click of a button. The only thing I would change is the fact that you have to go on to a separate website to check if a car has insurance. If this was an in-app feature, the app would be perfect and completely flawless.

Not on the floor @64 ,

Total car check app “free”

You can’t get much for free? Well you can with this app it’s amazing check tax due date mot date if money owed on car if stolen etc. And really useful if you have an accident you can check that the other car is insured on the spot. There are also a lot more features if you pay a relatively small fee (I’ve not yet needed this), which is good to have there if you need it! I don’t go in for giving revues but this one really does deserve all the praise I can give I RECOMMEND THIS APP AS ONE NOT TO MISS ! Wayne T

Comfort Access ,

Correct info, loads better than AutoSmart which isn’t!

At last an application that shows comprehensive correct information(unlike AutoSmart), for free too and you can get a vast amount more of the vehicles history by paying a one-off fee, well worth it!
Great application save your vehicles so as to get handy reminders when things need renewing like RFL & MOT.
If you got one vehicle or more, or you just buy vehicles this is the only application you need, don’t bother with the others or trawling the internet this does it all for you, the best!

Bob Hus ,

Retired Motor Teader

Since it’s introduction I’ve had this app on my phone with the kids cars as well..from the basic of info that one has when chasing a new purchase ie mileage-History from previous MOT’s
Too back in the day at auction & check the basic mot mileage to confirm it’s history.
Nobody likes to buy a “Pup” & this is a very usual tool
However never buy without the full check with costs of a full search of its pedigree + addition available from car check.

Doggone54 ,

A really useful app

Taking the time to go through files to recover last mot to confirm dates I find this app a blessing by making it so easy to check a lot of information about my car. If you are buying a car you could do a lot worse than getting the full app showing issues, past and present, which may exist like outstanding finance, write off’s etc - potentially saving you a lot of money. Think about it, I have and am upgrading to full form when I finish writing.

Illusion's ,

Awesome App

Great app even a free version give you more information about the car than the paid one in the App Store. Tells everything you all about the car before you buy and if you still want more about the car then for a little bit extra you can get whatever you can imagine. I am using the free version for more than five years now and it never ever let me down when it comes to buying my next car 👌👌👌

BrainzUK ,

Brilliant app, makes it super easy to check car data on the move.

I’ve been looking for a new ( used) car and trying to find you way around all the available cars and their specs and history can be a nightmare. This app really helps to keep things simple, just enter the car registration and get lots of info for free. Prices seem really good value to get more checks and data if you need it. ,

Total car check

I’ve been using this app now for several years, BUT just lately when doing more than one check in any way, the entry slot for the Reg. No. Does not clear, so I have to revert to shutting down my iPad, waiting for a while, then reloading. This is a bit frustrating as I’m in the process of considering a purchase of another car, so it is very useful for checking the history of potential purchases.
Please fix it!!!