Du willst in deinem Volkswagen* praktische Connectivity Features nutzen, hast aber kein We Connect oder Car-Net in deinem Fahrzeug zur Verfügung? Kein Problem. In Verbindung mit unserem DataPlug** vernetzt dich die App „We Connect Go“ im Handumdrehen mit deinem Neuwagen oder Modell ab 2008. Das ist Plug & Play Connectivity von Volkswagen.

Deine Vorteile im Überblick:
- Anzeige vieler Fahrzeugdaten, Warnsymbole und anstehender Serviceintervalle
- Volkswagen Service Partner, Terminvereinbarung und Navigation nur einen Klick entfernt
- Mehr Sicherheit im Notfall durch direkte Kontaktmöglichkeit der 24-h-Pannenhilfe oder der Servicehotline von Volkswagen
- Digitale Tools wie Tankmonitor oder elektronisches Fahrtenbuch mit automatischer Aufzeichnungs- und Exportfunktion
- Effizienter fahren und Kraftstoff sparen mit Statistiken, Fahrstil-Analysen und Challenges
- In Verbindung mit We Park das Parken in öffentlichen Parkzonen einfach per App starten, verlängern und bezahlen***
- Gegen unerwartete Kosten schützen mit verschiedenen Versicherungs- und Versicherungsvermittlungsleistungen aus dem Volkswagen Konzern – einfach per App auswählen und versichern***

Lade dir die kostenlose App herunter, stecke den DataPlug einfach auf die Diagnoseschnittstelle deines Fahrzeugs, registriere dich in der App und verbinde dein Smartphone per Bluetooth mit deinem Volkswagen.


*Die Verfügbarkeit der beschriebenen Dienste ist sowohl fahrzeug- als auch ausstattungsabhängig. Bitte prüfe die Kompatibilität deines Fahrzeugs unter connectgo.volkswagen-we.com.

**Zur Nutzung von We Connect Go benötigst du den We Connect Go DataPlug, der bei deinem Volkswagen Händler erhältlich ist.

***Ausgewählte Dienste sind ausschließlich in Deutschland verfügbar.


Version 2.17.9

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15.478 Bewertungen

15.478 Bewertungen

jamesromânul ,

Good app but needs improving!

Great app which is great for tracking all car information and having it stored in one place is a handy tool, didn’t realise how many miles I did over periods of time or how my driving style can affect the cost of a journey! The improvement needed is for the challenges. All of my challenges have seemed to stop working altogether. I am completing trips for Checkpoint 100 and have done over 200 journeys now whilst doing this challenge and I still haven’t completed it, same for Night Driver too, many trips done in the specified time limits and it doesn’t progress any further. Annoying as I must have been at 95 journeys when checkpoint 100 stopped working. Please fix this in an update to make sure the challenges work as that is one of the more fun elements of this app. If that gets fixed then it is a 5 star review for me!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Dear James, thank you for your comment. The difficulty with the challenges is already being analysed by our specialized department and will be solved with the next app update at the end of this month. We thank you for your understanding in this matter. Regards from Wolfsburg!

Dindyks ,

ZERO STAR It’s a awful product and App

It’s has been plugged in since day one. I bought my car in jan 2018. And drive to work. My journey is 12 miles each way and work at least 5 days a week. It’s literally only record hand full times each month. Like it is limit to 5 trips a month so it is a pointless device as it doesn’t make sense as without it recording trips what does the app represent 80% of the app comes useless! It have record 35 trips for the last 9months I will do that for a month
My second issue. It need to have my phone gps running to it actually work as car doesn’t have it own gps. Waste of phone battery as it need to run for the whole journey. So you can get out our car with dead phone or low battery so turning of the gps is the only way to stop it. So u need overview of your route or where u parked ur car (thank you google maps or apple maps as they do that without a sweat). Forget it!
3rd issue. Fuel monitoring. It doesn’t do it automatically. Your car knows when it get it fuel but if you don’t input manually in the app it won’t register it. And also if u have the gps it won’t know ur are at a petrol station. So more manually inputting. 4rd issue my oil services has comes up. Tell me to request service appointment. Don’t even work. I tried the whole to make it work. No Chance. And also my logging doesn’t work either. So it is now a 99% useless app and a product. I don’t do not a see any useful for this invention. I will be deleting it!!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi Dindyks, Thank you for your detailed feedback. We apologise for the inconveniences you have experienced. In order to assist you, please contact us via email at vwconnect.helpline@volkswagen.de or via phone under 00800 444 999 50 / 0049 - 5361 83899916 referring to this review. Best regards!

Sundazed ,

Please don’t waste your time with this.

This is an interesting and possibly useful app that connects by bluetooth to a dongle that plugs into your vehicle diagnostic port.
It monitors your driving style (speed, braking, gear changing etc), route driven, parking location, petrol consumption and all sorts of information that is interesting rather than vital.
For me the big drawback is that the app will occasionally disconnect from the dongle, requiring deleting and re-pairing with my phone. Of course, it can be some time before this malfunction is discovered and during that time no information is recorded. Consequently the data becomes irrecoverably incomplete and the app is unreliable and therefore not of much use.
I must say that, since I originally posted this review, the support from the developer has been excellent. They told me that there was a bluetooth connectivity problem between the app and iOS. iOS has since been updated to 11.3 and I am hoping the problem has been resolved.
Update: I have left the app to run in the background without monitoring for two weeks now. I checked it today and found that it has recorded no information whatsoever. I now believe this app to be unfit for purpose and a complete waste of my time. Don’t waste yours.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello Sundazed! We apologise the inconvenience you have experienced, we recommend you also to check if you have the latest app version 1.50.10. However, we will be pleased to support you with this issue, so please contact us via email vwconnect.helpline@volkswagen.de or by phone 00 800 444 999 50 / 0049 - 5361 83899916 refering to this review. Greetings from Wolfsburg!


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