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WundaSmart gives you complete climate control to help you tackle energy usage and CO2 emissions. We make systems that give people a beautifully simple, yet versatile way to manage their climate. It's the simplicity that makes it smart.

With WundaSmart you can choose to control your Under Floor Heating, Radiators, or any combination of them from one App and one system. It couldn't be easier.
You can control your whole home, or you can have total management of the temperatures in each individual room. More control = More Comfort + More Savings.

WundaSmart gives the user
- Control of Under Floor Heating and Radiators.
- Room to Room Climate Management
- A Variety of Geo-Location settings tailored to your needs
- 24/7 Scheduling (per room if necessary)
- Hot Water Control
- Privileged User settings, ideal for families, rentals and business'.
- Anti-Frost Settings
- Alert System
- Energy Usage reports
- Remote Access from anywhere in the World.

Downloading the WundaSmart App will allow you to set up your Smart Heating System, pair various devices and begin using your System. There's never been a simpler installation.

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Wersja 1.0.33

- Bug fix for pairing HubSwitch on iPad

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Ocen: 2

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App request

Hi Wunda,
Good app thank you! I love being able to control all the zones from my phone.
One request is to please add a ‘select all’ so you can change all to a certain temperature at one time. Otherwise when coming back from a few days away one has to individually select all zones which takes a while. First world problem I know but if you don’t ask...!
Very impressed with the actual system too so thank you.


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