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Things 3

Organize your life


Occasionally we all feel a little overwhelmed. Jobs can build up, workloads can feel unmanageable. In these instances Things 3 is more than a practical organiser, it’s a saviour. The streamlined taskmaster allows you to effortlessly organise your tasks and set target timeframes.

But there’s more to this app than just setting and completing goals. Here’s a trio of things that you might not have known Things 3 was capable of.

Move the magical plus sign

Calling a plus sign ‘magical’ is ambitious. Fortunately the creators of Things 3 have backed up this lofty moniker with an addition button that is darn impressive – and a little bit magical. While you can simply tap the button to add a new project, area or to-do item, the magic really begins when you start dragging it about.

Where you drag the symbol makes all the difference. Pull the button to the left and you’ll create a new note or project, depending on the screen you’re in. Release the sign at your desired spot in a list and your new entry will fall into the order you want, pull it to the left edge to automatically change your project’s name or to the lower left corner to instantly add an entry to your Inbox.

Drag the Magical Plus Sign wherever you want to drop a new item.

Share a touching moment

With its simple, streamlined interface Things 3 isn’t exactly difficult to navigate, but it does offer a few simple, intuitive gestures that make performing certain tasks even easier.

If you need to change a task’s deadline, add a reminder, move or delete it, a simple swipe to the left will let you do just this, as well as letting you edit several tasks at once when paired with a downward gesture on the right side of the screen. And when you swipe right? Then you can instantly postpone the to-do date, simply and smoothly.

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow with a single swipe?
OK, maybe not tomorrow either, but sometime soon, we promise.

It plays nice with Siri

As well as synchronising with your calendar to keep you up-to-date on all parts of your life – including a handy ‘plans for the evening’ folder – Things 3 can be made to play nice with Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

To enable this feature within the app you’ll need to tap Settings > Siri > Enable Siri for Things. Once activated you can simply say things like “Hey, Siri. Add a task to Things,” or “Hey, Siri. In Things, remind me to buy flowers tomorrow at 5pm,” and ensure you never forget an important date again.

Things 3 + Siri = maximum efficiency.

    Things 3

    Organize your life