5 new games we love

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Like coin-hungry plumbers, our games editors cruise around the App Store picking up only the shiniest and most precious new games.

Here are the five best new releases of the week.

Mario Kart Tour

It’s here! Nintendo’s legendary racing series just dropped on iPhone and iPad, and it’s everything you could have wanted.

All your favourite characters and tracks are in here, and with regular content updates coming down the (green) pipes, this already feels like one of those games we’ll still be playing in months – and years! – to come.

    Mario Kart Tour

    Race around the world!


Merge Magic!

One of the big trends in puzzling right now is ‘merge’ games. And so right on time, here’s Merge Magic, which is about as good as these games get.

Like its predecessor Merge Dragons, it’s got that satisfying ‘merge stuff to make more stuff’ mechanic at its heart, and it’s also been polished to a glimmering shine. Magic!

    Merge Magic!

    Hatch & Match Mythical Beings


Eternal Night

This card-battle game stands out from an increasing crowd of other card-battle games by dint of its beautiful artwork and luxurious production values.

Turn-based gameplay and deck building each offer huge depth – ideal for those of you looking to get stuck into something really rewarding over the long term.

Duels Champions

This battle game is all about discovering and equipping new gear for your heroes before sending them out for a scrap.

The fights are automated, with lovingly rendered and animated heroes duking it out in lush locales. Moreish stuff!

    Duels Champions: PvP Fights

    PvP game of skill and honor


Merge Tower Bots

We told you merge games were on-trend! Here’s another, only this time it’s a tower defence game in which you combine units to make them bigger and more powerful.

Fighting off wave after wave of attackers is tense, so we’re glad all the lovely cartoony visuals are there to cut through the stress.

    Merge Tower Bots

    TD Idle defense & merging game


And yes, there’s more!

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