Always find the note you want

How to sort your notes in Agenda.


Date-focused note taking


Agenda is great for finding the notes you’re looking for, and there’s more to that than just a simple search. The note-taking app has a robust set of features to sort items so they’re always at your fingertips.

Tag! You’re it

Tags are a simple way to group related notes that are spread across projects and categories. If you’re looking for every note on a certain subject, you can search for its tag.

Tagging notes is easy. Simply type the hash sign (#) followed by the keyword. For example, if you have ideas to pitch, tag your notes with #pitch inside the text. If you’re ever stuck on a project, browse all your #pitch notes to find inspiration.

There’s one tag that has special powers. Use the Due tag to mark when something needs to be done. Type the hash sign followed by the date in parentheses. So if something is due on August 8, you’d tag it as #due(8.8) within the text. Agenda is smart enough to infer the date if you tag it as #due(today), #due(Sunday) or #due(1 week).

Delegate (you’re it again!)

If you’re leading a project with several people working on different tasks, you can use a person tag to keep track of who’s doing what. Instead of using the hash sign, use the @ symbol followed by a name to add a person. You can then search using names and get an overview of each person’s assignments.

Save your searches

If you’re always searching for the same notes, tags or people, you can save a search term as an Overview and pin it to the sidebar. To create an Overview, click on Search All on the top of the left sidebar, fill in a keyword, tag or name in the search bar, then select Save Search as Overview.

Link between notes

A big project can lead to numerous notes that reference each other. To make it easier to find notes within notes, use Agenda Links, which are internal links to notes.

To create a link, select the note you want to link to. Control-click on the note and select Copy As > Agenda Link (or press Shift-Command-L). Next, visit the note you want to paste the link into. Control-click > Paste inside the text and the linked note’s title will be inserted automatically.


    Date-focused note taking