Apps as gifts

We’re not sure if you noticed, but Christmas is approaching. Fast. You’ve still got half your shopping to do, but the high street is resembling a scene from a zombie movie, just with more tinsel. You don’t need to brave the madness though, apps can make gifts too. Great ones.

To gift an app, find it in the App Store and tap the icon with the share button icon next to the app’s logo and price.

From the handy pop-up menu, tapping Gift App will let you enter the email address of the lucky recipient, choose which digital wrapping paper you want to throw around the email, and even schedule it to go out at a certain time – like Christmas morning, for example.

Now you just have to pick the apps to gift. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back there too.

For the wannabe traveller

It’s cold, dark, and, despite the festive joy, pretty darn bleak. The perfect time for a getaway. For those off on their travels, these apps form the perfect survival kit.

Enlight Quickshot has all the filters and easy-to-use editing tools you’ll ever need. 1 Second Everyday makes it easier to create a video diary of your life and Pennies lets you budget better. Let the travels continue!

    Enlight Quickshot: Edit Photos

    Get your dream pics & effects


    1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

    Create your life movie


    Pennies – Budget and Expenses

    The everyday money tracker


For the gamer

Whatever sort of gamer you’re buying for, there are loads of great games to choose from. For console-quality realism, GRID Autosport will appease racing fans, while the heartwarming story and brain-troubling puzzles of Monument Valley 2 are perfect for those happier travelling at a more casual pace. Buying for someone who doesn’t like being told what to do? Thimbleweed Park is one of the best choose-your-own-adventure games around.

    GRID™ Autosport

    Console-quality racing


    Monument Valley 2

    A story of beauty and illusion


    Thimbleweed Park



For the young ones

Unlike trying to work out what size little Timmy or Tanya wear now, apps are a one-size-fits-all gift that can educate while they entertain. The Human Body by Tinybop lets your little ones explore their own inner working while Easy Music lets kids play, learn and create a beat at the same time. And for budding architects, Minecraft is creative play at its finest.

    The Human Body by Tinybop

    Explore & learn anatomy.


    Easy Music - Give kids an ear for music




    Create, explore and survive!


From Christmas-to-Christmas fun

Gifts aren’t just for Christmas, or even for the benefit of just one person. Sure, Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Recipes will guarantee a pucka Christmas dinner, and it will ensure stomach-satisfying joy the rest of the year too. Similarly, Cluedo, a family staple, will bring fun and frustration all year round, and Dark Sky Weather will let you check for festive snow, summer sun and everything in between.

    Jamie's Ultimate Recipes

    Cooking made easy


    Cluedo: The Official Edition

    The Classic Mystery Game


    Dark Sky Weather