Be a virtual cat owner

Indulge your inner kitten-lover with these fluffy games.

Cat owners, just like their furry companions, come in all varieties. However, we’re seeing a newer breed of feline fanciers: the kind that doesn’t own one. Whether it be work schedules, allergies or a building’s “no pets” policy preventing you from getting a cat, we have the puurrfect solution – virtual pets! Now everyone can get their feline fix with this collection of cat-filled games.

Cutest cats

It's no surprise that this game, designed initially for kids, has adults fascinated as well. Just look – what’s not to love?

Little Kittens allows you to play hide-and-seek and other mini-games with your furry companions. You can also feed your virtual kitty snacks, tuck it into bed and interact with it. If your cat’s enjoying its time with you, it’ll emit that sweet purring sound!

Blow into the mic to see how the kitten's fur reacts!

    Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat

    Take care of your pet kitty!


Kitty collector

Neko Atsume is a simple game. Buy cat food and toys and place them in your yard (a virtual back garden). Sit and wait, and soon you’ll be visited by a variety of cute kitties. Once they’ve had their share of fun, they’ll return to where they came from and leave behind gold or silver fish for you to collect. These fish can then be used as in-game currency to buy new cat food and toys to develop your yard and help you discover new cats to collect.

With the right toy and treats, you’ll be graced by the sight of rare cats such as Lady Meow-Meow and Bob the Cat. However the game doesn’t provide hints as to what works best, you have to discover this for yourself – but that’s part of the fun!

The more furry guests, the more fish you will earn playing Neko Atsume.

    Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector



Feline famous

Those looking for something a little less cutesy will enjoy this next game. It features a feline that isn’t so friendly – and she’s super famous for it. In 2012, Grumpy Cat (real name: Tarder Sauce) became a YouTube phenomenon for her permanent scowl.

In Grumpy Cats Worst Game Ever, you and your crotchety-looking sidekick complete various cat themed mini-challenges to test your speed and coordination. Challenges range from chasing laser pointers, hunting birds, and nabbing fish all with the reward of gold coins, which unlock bonus games and Grumpy Cat stickers that capture her many shades of grump.

Shake your Grumpy Cat stickers to find hidden coins.

    Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

    Collection of awful mini games


Stealing hearts

KleptoCats starts out harmless enough: a kitty shows up at your door, you feed it, pet it and then send it out to play. It later returns with... gifts. An alarm clock. A dream catcher. A vase. What's happening? Where did all these gifts come from? Of course, this is where things start getting weird: your house is slowly filling up with random stuff, and strange cats keep showing up at your door. Keep playing to care for the cats and enjoy some unexpected twists to this tale.

Tip: While your kitty is out on the prowl, tap the Play button to try a game that can earn you some extra coins.


    Cute Cats... Am I Right?!?