Beat stress with meditation

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Find trying to relax stressful? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Because we all have different stresses and worries, there are many apps with many approaches to help you find your own happy place. We’ve broken down a few top apps to help ensure you follow the right path for you.

Embracing the ancient

Learn the basics of meditation with Oak.

Keeping things simple, Oak focuses on three key areas – meditation, breathing and sleep – with an aim to help you transition to unguided meditation. Simply choose your preferred duration (and an optional background sound, such as soft rain water or a crackling fire), and you’re ready to start learning centuries-old techniques.

With Insight Timer, traditional bell tones accompany your timed meditations to help add simple structure to your unguided solitude. For those that need more direction, the app also offers guided meditations that draw on traditions from around the world.

    Insight Timer - Meditation App

    Meditation for Sleep & Anxiety


    Oak - Meditation & Breathing

    meditate, breathe, sleep


Designed with you in mind

No matter where you are on life's journey, Meditation Studio has something for you.

Whoever you are, chances are Meditation Studio offers calming practices for you. Browsing the collections section you’ll find options specific for mums, teens, students, entrepreneurs, military veterans, those who work in the emergency services and so much more.

While all meditation is a form of self-care, Shine digs even deeper. The app can make daily routines (like doing the dishes or washing your face) more mindful, or address bigger issues (like dealing with jealousy or learning to speak up for your needs).

    Meditation Studio

    Guided Meditation & Relaxation


    Shine - Self-Care & Meditation

    Affirmations & meditations


Getting to happy

Manage your stress one day at a time with 10% Happier.

Back in 2004, US TV presenter Dan Harris had a panic attack on national television. A skeptic of meditation at the time, Harris set out on a quest to solve his stress issues – and became an evangelist for a stigma-free brand of meditation and mindfulness. His app, 10% Happier, espouses just that – drawing on the wisdom of experts like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Sharon Salzberg.

Happy Not Perfect was founded on the premise that embracing our less conventional feelings is what makes life worth living (we’re all human, after all). While the app helps you meditate, it includes lots of other activities to keep you mindful – from journaling to sending good vibes to friends. It even helps you let go by lighting a match (digital, of course) to your worries and anxieties.

    10% Happier: Meditation

    Find calm, insight, and sleep


    Happy Not Perfect: Meditation

    Be Mindful, Meditate and Relax


Holistic helpers for everyday relief

Once you're feeling confident, try a seven-day meditation challenge with Calm.

Both Calm and Headspace have vast libraries of meditations to tackle everything from challenges at work to difficulty falling asleep. Calm takes a tranquil approach with brilliant nature photography, while Headspace leans into playful illustrated characters to keep things light.

Whichever approach works for you, the apps back up their enticing visuals with comprehensive collections of guided meditations and soothing practices to help you tackle your daily dilemmas.

    Calm - Meditation and Sleep

    Meditation and Sleep Stories


    Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

    Stress relief: breathe, focus