Hey Duggee The Big Outdoor App


The delightful Duggee is back in Hey Duggee The Big Outdoor App, and he has a whole new round of magical games to play with his crew of clever companions: Betty the octopus, Happy the crocodile, Norrie the mouse, Roly the hippo and Tag the rhino.

The name of the game is earning badges. But to earn a badge, you’ll have to complete Duggee’s mission.

Enter the colourful world of Duggee and his cute companions.

Pick a character to play as, and you’re ready to get earning badges. To get the acorn badge, you’ll need to collect the acorns tumbling from the forest canopy. Fill the cart to the top – but try to avoid the banana skins that are also descending from the sky, or you’ll slip and spill your bounty!

Go down to the beach to earn your sandcastle badge: fill the bucket with wet sand, pat it down and flip the bucket to make your castle. But that’s not all! Decorate yours with windows and doors to make it look like a real castle.

Go on adventures, collect your badges and claim your Duggee hug!

To earn the submarine badge, navigate your craft through the trail of bubbles. Watch seahorses galloping past, and meet musical fish who’ll play you a sea ditty as you pass by…

No two rounds are the same – save for one detail. All games finish with a bear hug from Duggee, who will express how delighted he is with a trademark woof. Wonderful.

    Hey Duggee The Big Outdoor App