Help your kids learn through play

Entertaining education awaits with these five apps for offline fun.

Trying to teach your toddler to count? Keen for your kids to improve their reading skills? You also want learning to be fun for everyone involved, right?

You’re not alone in your home education endeavours. These apps are built for parents who want their kids to be entertained while they learn – and they all work offline so you can reduce internet distractions.

Improve their reading skills

Need something new to read? Epic! is a digital library of more than 30,000 children’s books.

Millennial parents will recognise titles from their childhood, such as Clifford, the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell, alongside Epic! originals including Scaredy Monster and Nellie Nutgraf The Double-Best Reporter.

After creating a profile for your child, pick their reading age and areas of interest – such as pets, dinosaurs, sport and fairytales – to build a selection of books curated just for them.

If your kids are at the start of their reading journey, the app offers read-to-me, video and audiobook options, too.

    Epic! - Kids’ Books and Videos

    Kid's Books & More


Engage their curiosity

Grab your wee ones and gather round, Sago Mini World is a repository of engaging mini-games sure to have your kids wide-eyed with excitement. They can explore everything here – growing plants to building robots and outer space to the deep sea.

More than 30 activities offer fun for kids aged two to five (as well as adults) whatever they’re into – from aeroplanes to animals. And, while each “world” is a separate download, they all form part of a single subscription.

    Sago Mini World: Kids Games

    Fun games for curious kids.


Let their imagination roam

When paper and paint all just sounds a bit too hectic, Disney Colouring World lets kids get creative with all their favourite Disney characters – without the mess.

Your children can use digital chalk, crayons, pencils and more to turn Simba bright green or change Elsa’s dress to red. They can even customise Mickey’s iconic look before tapping into a host of Disney worlds ready to be explored.

From Beast’s castle to the Hundred Acre Wood, it’s time to create, interact and play. A handy button even helps your littlest ones colour inside the lines.

    Disney Colouring World

    Draw, paint, colour and play!


Work on their problem solving

Perfect for children aged two to seven, Khan Academy Kids is a space designed to inspire learning. It’s filled with quirky characters and challenging puzzles – a bear, a fox, a bird, an elephant and a raccoon will walk your tot through a world of schooling. You’ll find matching games, tap-and-count activities, dressing up and more.

The lessons, books, games and videos are all interactive, ensuring kids stay focused on their learning for longer. Pair that with upbeat tunes and brightly-coloured, whimsical friends and they’ll want to keep playing – and learning – all day.

    Khan Academy Kids

    Fun educational games & books


Evolve their thinking

It’s never too early to start learning about emerging topics. Papumba’s interactive games all have a foundation in STEM activities. Geared for children aged two to six, the app’s educational games are set in a watery ocean world and hosted by Leo, the tiny pirate.

Tap a dragon seated on a castle to put a puzzle together or float over to mice in a bobbing barrel to play jungle trivia.

Each object in the Papumba world opens a brand new activity. Will you find squealing pigs or jumping astronauts? You never quite know what you’re going to get, but it will always be fun – and educational.

    Papumba: Games for Toddler 2+

    Educational Preschool Learning